Hey first blog so this my first and only chance to impress you.....**** that ill just be myself and yawn........YAWN........Anyway my name is supermanz and yeah i could not think of anything because naruto was taken,naruto 12 was taken And suprise suprise MyNAMEISNARUTOUZUMAKI is taken too >.>;;

Now to introduce myself.

Name: Supermanz
Age: Private
Signiture Motto: Meh!!!!!
Fav Color: Black
Fav Food: Pizza
Fav movie: Resident evil
Fav book: Goths for dummies

Yeah so thats all i am gonna share with you now with all that said im gonna say I am supermanz Believe it

Some Subs

Sasuke Had some hot and spicy chicken

Tobi planning his next self appreatiation time

Sasuke being a flaming prat

Kakashi saving on electric bills