Ok so apparenty we've had these blogs for a while ... but I haven't really ever gotten what the point of it was, well I do know what they're for, but I didn't feel the need to like, make one ... why am I making one now anyway? And what should it be about?

So I got thinking, I could ramble for hours about stuff that happens on my work ... that would probably make for a fun read actually, as my work is like a soap opera, 20 females, 1 male boss who is never around, female PMS hormones rising throught the roof at times, gossip, dirty talk ... it's a hellhole where you have to play by the rules or you perish and die (read=get gutted alive).

But I won't talk about that :nuts, maybe next time!

Instead I'll talk about Claymore, yeah after months of "omg you gotta read/watch this!!!" from lots of people, and my Grimmy not being in the manga, I got bored (actually it was because I called in sick and stayed home for a week), so I decided to go watch it.

I had watched some episodes months ago, and decided that it was full of pretend-emotionless bitches with some stuck up attitude about how they don't care about no one.

So I tried it a second time last week or so, and well, decided that Teresa was actually pretty cool, that I could tolerate their camel toe outfits, that I could even tolerate the cheezy "I'm an emotionless bitch blabla", and that while the art on the lips and overal expression is somewhat ... limited, they have got nice looking eyes and the music ... love the heavy suspence music.

The problem is that the manga is monthly, so they only decided to make 26 episodes, and they decided to make it end. So it deviates from the manga. This means you can't really get into it imo, and I had so hoped to find another weekly anime to watch. Pitty tho, I belive this week is the last episode.

Oh and I will be coloring ( actually it's in progress) Isley, my favorite abyssal.

ok I'll quit now ... I hope someone makes comments or whatever in here and that it wasn't too boring :nod