Just finished and uploaded my latest vid yesterday, it's my first Elfin Lied amv and I wanted to experiment with masking a bit and this is the result.


Now, as for future projects there's some that's been started on some in the planning, I'll label each:

Naruto amvs:

All Around You by Flyleaf- Hinata- On hold- BG

Some Say by Sum 41- Neji- On hold- BG

Rain by Breaking Benjamin- Naruto- Planning Stage- BG

Tell Me by Jonah 33- Neji and Rock Lee- In the "maybe" pile- BG

Motivation by Sum 41- Shikamaru- Just started- D.A.

Talk To Her by Priestess- Team 7 and Rock Lee- maybe pile- BG

Rolling Remix remake

One Piece amvs:

Running Away by Three Days Grace- Water 7/Enies Lobby- Just started BG

We Right Here by DMX- Luffy-planning stage- D.A.

Arlong Arc trailer- BG

Others (all planning stage):

Say Hello To Heaven by Temple Of The Dog- FLCL- BG

My Heart Is Free by The Turning- When They Cry- BG

Warriors Cry- Kingdom Hearts- D.A.