Merry Fucking Christmas shit stains :maybe

Figured I'd get this out today in the holiday spirit of... well, I suppose the climax of FFXIII kind of gives the holiday spirit a middle finger, what with fighting and defeating the creator deity, but eh.

The feat occurs around 42 seconds in


Planet Diameter = 22 pixels

Expansion Distance = 346 pixels

Explosion Diameter = 1337 pixels

Expansion Distance/Planet Diameter = 15.727

Explosion Diameter/Planet Diameter = 60.773

Planet Diameter = 12,742,000 meters (generic planet, using earth's diameter as placeholder size)

Expansion Distance = 200,393,434 meters

Explosion Diameter = 774,369,566 meters

Planet Surface Area = 510,100,000,000,000 m^2 (approximate of earth's)


Explosion Surface Area = 1,883,850,457,603,425,500 m^2

Explosion/Planet = 3,693.1

Time Frame = 1 second

Speed of Blast = 200,393,434 m/s or 0.668C

Lightning reacts to those attacks from Bhunivelze from fairly close range, so she's apparently relativistic now.

Now to complete the energy part of the feat


Planet Diameter = 216 pixels

Expansion Distance = 106 pixels

Expansion Distance/Planet Diameter = 0.491

Planet Diameter = 12,742,000 meters

Expansion Distance = 6,256,322 meters

Time Frame = 2 seconds

Expansion Speed = 3,128,161 m/s

Planet Mass = 5.972 * 10^24 kilograms (earth's mass as place holder)

KE = 0.5mv^2

Planet's KE = 2.922 * 10^37 joules

Bhunivelze's Power = 1.079 * 10^41 joules or 25.8 tenatons

Comfortably small star level IIRC.

And this is kind of rough, given I have no access to my frame extraction software atm. Could bump up either speed or the power a bit if I got around to using it though later.

And well? That is that. Happy Holidays fuckers, now log the fuck out.

Final Tally

Bhunivelze's Attack Speed = 0.668C

Bhunivelze's Fire Power = 25.8 tenatons