Namely I'm probably going to add to it as I go through the game.

Feat 1: Karlabos Creates a Whirlpool

The Feat

In the spirit of not taking itself seriously, the first major boss battle after having become the fully assembled Warriors of Light is fighting a Giant Lobster (this is apparently a reoccurring issue... because you fight another when you get the fucking airship). It creates a giant whirlpool just prior to this though, likely through physical means (it has no magic attacks as far as I could tell)

So... yeah


Bartz = 37 pixels

Ship Width = 363 pixels

Ship Width/Bartz = 9.811

Bartz = 1.78 meters

(official height)

Ship Width = 17.464 meters


Ship Width = 112 pixels

Ship Length = 431 pixels

Ship Length/Ship Width = 3.848

Ship Length = 67.201 meters


Ship Length = 36 pixels

Whirlpool Diameter = 105 pixels

Whirlpool Movement = 14 pixels

Whirlpool Diameter/Ship Length = 2.917

Whirlpool Movement/Ship Length = 0.389

Whirlpool Diameter = 196.025 meters

Volume = (PIr^2*H)/3

r = Whirlpool Diameter/2

H = Whirlpool Diameter/2 (approximate anyway... work with me here, it's a 2d surface, not like I can scale it)

Water Volume = 985,991.154 m^3

Water Density = 1,000 kg/m^3

Water Mass = 985,991,154 kilograms

Whirlpool Movement = 26.141 meters

Time Frame = 0.03 seconds (1 frame at 33.333 fps)

Whirlpool Speed = 871.367 m/s

Whirlpool Energy = 374,321,902,906,252 joules or 89.465 kilotons

So town level physical strength for fodder giant lobster and town level beginning of the game party.


Feats 2 to 5: Weakened Crystal Magic Speed, The Power of the Weakened Earth Crystal, Exdeath's Flight Speed, and Wind Drake's Flight Speed


Feat 2

Feat 3

Feat 4

Feat 5

Feat 6

Feat 2 is the magic of the weakened crystals traveling across the planet in seconds. The speed of which would powerscale to any fucker that has better feats/powerscaling than this set of crystals anyway.

Feat 3 is the Ronka Ruins rising from beneath the ground and leveling a large chunk of a mountain range. Said ruins are powered by the Weakened Earth Crystal. Only covering the AOE because I'm a lazy fucker though.

Another feat involved shit like the Water Crystal sinking a large chunk of continent, but fuck that when the feat I'm covering is more impressive and powerscales to the other crystals anyway.

Feat 4 is where the crystal shatters, releasing Exdeath from his seal. He flies from his location of sealing to the Ronka Ruins in seconds.

Feat 5 is just after Exdeath starts torturing the party with the Crystal's magical powers. Krile senses her grandfather's distress... somehow... and rushes off to the Forest of Moore on a wind drake. She reaches the forest seconds later.

Feat 6 is that Bahamut is unsealed, he sinks a large chunk of continent, and proceeds to fly to your location in seconds. Just covering the flight, given he gets better feats via powerscaling anyway.

World Circumference = 2896 pixels

Diameter of Area Razed By Ronka Ruin Rising = 96 pixels

Distance Magic Traveled = 1291 pixels

Distance Exdeath Traveled = 941 pixels

Wind Drake Travel = 492 pixels

Bahamut Travel Distance = 817 pixels

Diameter of Area Razed By Ronka Ruin Rising/World Circumference = 0.033

Distance Magic Traveled/World Circumference = 0.446

Distance Exdeath Traveled/World Circumference = 0.325

Wind Drake Travel/World Circumference = 0.17

Bahamut Travel Distance = 0.282

World Circumference = 40,030,173.59 meters

Diameter of Area Razed By Ronka Ruin Rising = 1,320,995.728 meters

Distance Magic Traveled = 17,853,457.42 meters

Time Frame = 6 seconds

Speed of Magic = 2,975,576 m/s or 0.00994C

Distance Exdeath Traveled = 13,009,806.42 meters

Time Frame = 4 seconds (from 2:35 to 2:39 in the video link)

Speed of Exdeath = 3,252,452 m/s or 0.0109C

Wind Drake Travel = 6,805,129.51 meters

Time Frame = 13 seconds (really about 16, but 3 seconds were knocked off from the lingering player controlled text box stalling time)

Wind Drake Flight Speed = 523,472 m/s or mach 1,538.311

Bahamut Travel Distance = 11,288,508.952 meters

Time Frame = 4 seconds (from 49 seconds to 53 seconds in the feat 6 video)

Bahamut Flight Speed = 2,822,127 m/s or 0.00942C

There are a couple more feats I could cover, but the results would ultimately just end up being redundant, if not interesting.

I like interesting, but I'm also lazy so...

Final Tally

Karlabos Creates a Whirlpool = 89.465 kilotons

Weakened Earth Crystal's Power = Continent to Multi Continent level

Weakened Crystal Magic Speed = 0.00994C

Exdeath's Flight Speed = 0.0109C

Wind Drake Flight Speed = 523,472 m/s

Bahamut Flight Speed = 0.00942C