I'm basically going to do with angsizing what I couldn't do before, because I found the results to make fuck all sense when I did prior.


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First image is to get the minimum distance Brahne's fleet is from the Iifa Tree (requires this blog to know the island size at a minimum).

Second Image is to scale the size of the Iifa Tree Top and Dark Cloud the Invincible generated (and Kuja would later take that power a la soul absortion of the souls trapped in the invincible later in the game)

Distance to Shore = 11 pixels

Island Length = 32 pixels

Distance to Shore/Island Length = 0.344

Island Length = 1,862,405

Distance to Shore = 640,667.32 meters

Panel Width = 1240 pixels

Panel Height = 700 pixels

Iifa Tree Top Diameter = 279 pixels

Cloud Diameter = 1240 pixels

Cloud Diameter/Iifa Tree Top Diameter = 4.444

Fluttershit's blog

Horizontal Field of Vision = 102.248 degrees

Willyvereb said:
"Image Width or Length (pixels)"/tan("FoV"/2) = "Triangle Height"

2*atan("Object Dimension(pixels)"/"Triangle Height") = "Angsize"

Triangle Height = 999.697

Iifa Tree Top Diameter = 31.187 degrees


Iifa Tree Top Diameter = 357,600 meters

Cloud Diameter = 1,589,174.4 meters

Cloud Height = 10,000 meters

Cloud Volume = 13,223,357,610,000,000 m^3

Cloud Density = 1.003 kg/m^3

Cloud Mass = 13,263,027,680,000,000 kilograms

Cloud Formation Timeframe = 3 seconds (as seen here)

Cloud Formation Speed = 264,862.4 m/s

Cloud Formation Energy = 465,214,561,900,000,000,000,000,000 joules or 111.189 petatons


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Iifa Tree Top Diameter = 170 pixels

Iifa Tree Root Diameter = 8 pixels

Iifa Tree Root Diameter/Iifa Tree Top Diameter = 0.047

Iifa Tree Root Diameter = 16,807.2 meters (outside the people on the world map, the continent is more or less to scale, so, unless I want to start pretending prominent landmasses are only a few dozen to several thousand meters across (like with FFVI's floating continent), I feel rather safe ignoring the people as incredibly enlarged and not something to scale off of for natural made objects/structures (cities and shit are fine to scale people from though, given they're naturally contained away from the world map more often than not)

Panel Width = 640 pixels

Panel Height = 448 pixels

Horizontal Field of Vision = 90.017 degrees

Triangle Height = 639.81

Iifa Tree Top Diameter = 29.76 degrees

Memoria Explosion Radius = 672,930 meters

Memoria Explosion Yield = 17.5 teratons


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Iifa Tree Root Diameter = 9 pixels

Panel Width = 514 pixels

Panel Height = 360 pixels

Horizontal Field of Vision = 89.985 degrees

Triangle Height = 514.135

Iifa Tree Root Diameter = 2.006 degrees

Distance From Iifa Tree = 480,000 meters

If you couldn't tell, I'm recalcing this speed feat.

Timeframe = 3 seconds

Iifa Tree Root Speed = 160,000 m/s or mach 470.187

Now for something new, Bahamut's Flare AOE and overall yield.


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Just watch the feat, you'll know that where I measured to is where the flare stops visibly expanding in size.

Iifa Tree Root Diameter = 27 pixels

Flare Explosion Radius = 531 pixels

Flare Explosion Radius/Iifa Tree Root Diameter = 19.667

Flare Explosion Radius = 330,547.202 meters


Flare Yield = 2.037 teratons

Final Tally

Flare Yield = 2.037 teratons

Zidane/Iifa Tree Root's Speed = 160,000 m/s

Invincible's Energy = 111.189 petatons

Memoria Explosion Yield = 17.5 teratons