Well, here's how it goes.


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Granted, this is a shot of our earth (more specifically, the blue marble photo apparently).

However? The advanced and DS version of FFIV use this for the view of the blue planet when traveling from the moon.

From this, we can at least glean one of there continents is the size of africa (and kind of shaped like it too in a round about fashion (well, in a broad sense anyway))

So, I figure it's safe to say I can use 8,000 of africa's north to southern length on the continent that kind of looks to be shaped like africa.


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Barring the sea where a desert should be (which would probably be more consistent with ancient africa IIRC), that strip of land I'm measuring looks fairly similar in proportion and shape.

Continent Length = 1,302 pixels

Babil Continent Strip = 87 pixels

Mountain Range Length = 39 pixels

Explosion Diameter = 26 pixels

Strip of Land = 8 pixels

Babil Continent Strip/Continent Length = 0.067

Mountain Range Length/Continent Length = 0.03

Explosion Diameter/Continent Length = 0.02

Strip of Land/Continent Length = 0.006

Continent Length = 8,000,000 meters

Babil Continent Strip = 536,000 meters

Mountain Range Length = 240,000 meters

Explosion Diameter = 160,000 meters (cid's hand held bomb... which he couldn't remote detonate, but could tank)


Cid's Durability = 27.7 gigatons

Strip of Land = 48,000 meters

Next up is Titan's feat


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Strip of Land = 55 pixels

Fissure Range = 360 pixels

Mountain Height = 13 pixels

Mountain Range Width = 45 pixels

Fissure Range/Strip of Land = 6.545

Mountain Height/Strip of Land = 0.236

Mountain Range Width/Strip of Land = 0.818

Fissure Range = 314,160 meters

Mountain Height = 11,328 meters

Mountain Range Width = 39,264 meters

I'll be getting the volume of the range by finding a single mountain volume then multiplying that by the number that can fit on the surface area of the strip of land the range sits on.

Mountain Range Surface Area = 9,423,360,000 m^2

Mountain Surface Area = 128,323,584 m^3

Mountain Range/Mountain Ratio = 73.434

Mountain Volume = 484,549,853,200 m^3 (pyramid shaped, height and diameter equal (fair enough given I'm using one of the smaller elevated mountains))

Mountain Range Volume = 35,582,433,920,000 m^3

Mountain Density = 2,700 kg/m^3

Mountain Range Mass = 96,072,571,580,000,000 kilograms


Potential Energy = 10,665,438,890,000,000,000,000 joules or 2.549 teratons (this is fairly low end, given how violently the continent was shaking that we could see)


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Babil Continent Strip = 498 pixels

Mountain Height = 12 pixels

Mountain Height/Babil Continent Strip = 0.024

Mountain Height = 12,864 meters


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Mountain Height = 52 pixels

Tower of Babil Top Diameter = 34 pixels

Tower of Babil Top Diameter/Mountain Height = 0.654

Tower of Babil Top Diameter = 8,413.056 meters

Now to this feat

Top of Tower Diameter = 54 pixels

Light Diameter = 35 pixels

Shockwave AOE = 1117 pixels

Light Diameter/Top of Tower Diameter = 0.648

Shockwave AOE/Top of Tower Diameter = 20.685

Light Diameter = 5,451.66 meters

Shockwave Diameter = 174,024.063 meters

The shockwave spreads that far in about...

Timeframe of Expansion = 2 seconds

Speed = 43,506.016 m/s or mach 127.85

So, massively hypersonic sword strikes seem likely.

Light Diameter = 35 pixels

Hole in Cloud = 297 pixels

Hole in Cloud/Light Diameter = 8.486

Hole in Cloud = 46,262.787 meters

Timeframe = 2 seconds

Speed of Dispersion = 11,565.697 m/s (Remember, that's the speed of the radius moving away from

the center)

Cloud Height = 10,000 meters (seems like somewhat of a low ball given what we saw in the video,

but I'll use it as a place holder)

Cylinder = PIr^2*H

Cloud Volume = 16,809,448,540,000 m^3

Cloud Density = 1.003 kg/m^3

Cloud Mass = 16,859,876,890,000 kilograms

Kinetic Energy of Clash = 1,127,633,642,000,000,000,000 joules or 269.511 gigatons


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The feat

I'd have liked to use the continent strip to scale the tower here, but I could tell the giant and tower weren't quite to proportion with the map (namely, they appeared as part of the world map as opposed to some form of FMV).

The explosions and debris they kick up should be fair game though.

Babil Continent Strip = 600 pixels

Finger Nuke AOE Radius = 480 pixels

Debris Diameter 1 (red line) = 97 pixels

Debris Diameter 2 (green line) = 63 pixels

Height of Debris = 358 pixels

Finger Nuke AOE Radius/Babil Continent Strip = 0.8

Debris Diameter 1/Babil Continent Strip = 0.162

Debris Diameter 2/Babil Continent Strip = 0.105

Height of Debris/Babil Continent Strip = 0.597

Finger Nuke AOE Radius = 428,800 meters (basically for the hell of it)

Debris Diameter 1 = 86,832 meters

Debris Diameter 2 = 56,280 meters

Debris Volume = 144,007,995,100,000 m^3

Debris Density = 2,700 kg/m^3

Debris Mass = 388,821,586,700,000,000 kilograms

Height of Debris = 319,992 meters

Timeframe = 2 seconds

Speed of Debris = 159,996 m/s (basically presumes the debris was flying from the beginning of detonation to where we see it in the image I scaled)

Energy of Debris = 497,666,746,000,000,000,000,000,000 joules or 1.189 exatons

Number of Debris = 8 (watch the video, you'll count about 8, my image must have been from when that one flew off screen)

Total Energy of Finger Nukes = 9.516 exatons

IIRC, Zeromus>Giant of Babil

And I think Cecil canonically soloed the dude in the official novel (hearsay, never read it myself)

Final Tally

Giant of Babil's Finger Nuke Energy = 1.189 exatons

Total Energy Giant of Babil Released Casually = 9.516 exatons

Cecil vs Golbez Clash = 269.511 gigatons

Cecil's Sword Swing Speed (based upon the shockwave's speed) = 43,506.016 m/s

Titan's Power = 2.549 teratons

Cid's Durability = 27.7 gigatons