Well... a better quality scan of the in game map was finally uploaded to the web, so I figured I might as well finally get around to doing the Cyclone feat along with revising some of the earlier shit from having used a lower quality map.

On with the show.

Blogs up for revision.


This is the PSX in game map, its still portrayed as a globe, just harder to see and shit.

Planet Diameter = 320 pixels

Continent Strip = 131 pixels

Continent Strip/Planet Diameter = 0.409

Planet Diameter = 12,742,000 meters

Continent Strip = 5,211,478 meters


Continent Strip = 1,197 pixels

Mountain Strip = 153 pixels

Bay Length = 50 pixels

Wyvern Flight = 2396 pixels

Mountain Strip/Continent Strip = 0.128

Bay Length/Continent Strip = 0.042

Wyvern Flight/Continent Strip = 2.002

Mountain Strip = 667,069.184 meters

Bay Length = 218,882.076 meters

Wyvern Flight = 10,433,378.956 meters (original feat can be found in here)

Time Frame = 30 seconds

Baby Wyvern Flight Speed = 347,779.299 m/s or mach 1,022.009

Now the cyclone

Mateus controls and generated it fairly casually with his magic to wreck shit.


Bay Length = 76 pixels

Cyclone Height = 52 pixels

Cyclone Diameter = 41 pixels

Cyclone Movement = 2 pixel

Cyclone Height/Bay Length = 0.684

Cyclone Diameter/Bay Length = 0.539

Cyclone Movement/Bay Length = 0.026

Cyclone Height = 149,715.34 meters

Cyclone Diameter = 117,977.439 meters

Volume = (PIr^2*H)/3

Cyclone Volume = 545,547,860,000,000 m^3

Air Density = 0.001225 kg/m^3 (I'm using 1/1000th normal air density to try and account for both decrease in density the higher up you go... and the fact that most FF games seem to have wonky atmosphere's where breathable air still exists long past where ours dies out)

Cyclone Mass = 668,296,128,500 kilograms

Cyclone Movement = 5,690.934 meters

Frames = 1 (at 30 fps)

Time Frame = 0.033 seconds

Cyclone Speed = 172,452.546 m/s

Cyclone Energy = 9,937,523,541,000,000,000,000 joules or 2.375 teratons

Honestly, I'm not even positive you can call this his upper limit... unless I'm to believe the denizens of hell are gigantic pushovers to both the recently dead Emperor and the EoG party.

Granted, it could happen, but why throw troops at a group of fuckers you know could kill them easily (this is in regards to when your party enters pandemonium and goes to confront the Hell Emperor)

Next up is the recently christened Hell Emperor's fairly casual explosion attack that wrecks Palamecia and the surrounding mountain range.

The feat


Mountain Strip = 267 pixels

Mountain = 18 pixels

Beam Height = 111 pixels

AOE = 86 pixels

Debris Travel = 4 pixels

Mountain/Mountain Strip = 0.067

Beam Height/Mountain Strip = 0.416

AOE/Mountain Strip = 0.322

Debris Travel/Mountain Strip = 0.015

Mountain = 44,693.635 meters

Beam Height = 277,500.781 meters

AOE = 214,796.277 meters

Earth Crust Thickness = 30,000 meters (the hole Mateus left would have to at least penetrate the entire crust for Pandemonium to have risen from beneath the ground from Hell)

Volume = PIr^2*H

Destruction Volume = 1,087,087,834,000,000 m^3

Continental Crust Density = 2,700 kg/m^3

Destruction Mass = 2,935,137,151,000,000,000 kilograms

Debris Travel = 10,006.038 meters

Time Frame Beam Travel = 0.033 seconds (1 frame with an fps of 30)

Mateus' Magic Attack Speed = 8,409,114.567 m/s or mach 24,711.612

Time Frame Debris Travel = 0.033 seconds (1 frame with an fps of 30)

Debris Travel Speed = 303,213.273 m/s

KE = 0.5mv^2

Mateus' Magical Explosion Energy = 134,925,743,700,000,000,000,000,000,000 joules or 32.249 exatons

Well... that's higher than I was expecting.

And Mateus gave nary a fuck about it detonating on top of his head.

Firion and company also survive shit like a scripted Flare attack and his most powerful spell Starfall.

As for the raising pandemonium from the ground feat? Fuck that for now...

Not like I really need to touch it with the explosion result.

Final Tally

Emperor Mateus' Cyclone = 2.375 teratons

Emperor of Hell Mateus' Magical Power = 32.249 exatons

Emperor Mateus' Magic Attack Speed = 8,409,114.567 m/s

Baby Wyvern Flight Speed = 347,779.299 m/s