The quote

Spoiler: Just in case the video is ever deleted

Again, not really a calc

Because its more me citing a low end value and high end value for what the quote is describing

Because these values are essentially things you can just google

The quote states Ifrit can turn the whole world to ashes

That can mean destroying the planet, but the low end is world razing and probably where the quote is leaning *shrugs*

Still, the high end will be the GBE of Earth

Which is about 2.24 * 10^32 joules or 57.3 zettatons

The low end?

A thought recently occurred

The implication of reducing the surface to ashes suggests the surface no longer has water


I can use the value for vaporizing the world's oceans as a low end

Which we can see from here sits around an exaton

Lina Shields because I can't bother typing out and redoing it all myself said:
For ocean/water vaporization feat, I prefer to use Q = MC(Delta T), thus...
M = mass of ocean = 1.37e21 kg
Assuming average temp of ocean is 10 degrees, and 100 degrees is boiling point.

Energy required to heat water up to 100 degrees:
Q1 = (1.37e21kg)(4186J/kg*c)(100 - 10 degrees) = 5.161e26 Joules

Latent Heat Vaporization:
Q2 = (1.37e21kg)(2705000J/kg) = 3.706e27 Joules

Q1 + Q2 = 4.222e27 Joules, or ~1.01e18 Tons of TNT. Barely into the exatons range.


Ifrit across the franchise?

Ifrit's Power (Low End) = ~1 exaton

Ifrit's Power (High End) = 57.3 zettatons

Final Tally

Ifrit's Power (Low End) = ~1 exaton

Ifrit's Power (High End) = 57.3 zettatons