Deidara- Art is bang. He has a good personality. A sexy stomache. Gorgeous blue sapphire like eyes. A lusious manly voice. The ability to use his clay with his adorable hand mouths. When you think king of art you think Deidara.

Sasori- Handsome. An excellent puppeteer. The fact that he can turn a living body to a fake one that can still look sexy on someone is an icredible talent wouldn't you say? Deidara's teacher it goes hand in hand.

Kabuto- A brillant master mind behind Orochimaru's plans. Graceful and catlike. All he wants is love and I would surely give it to him.

Iruka- Sweet and super innocent he is a father like role to Naruto. Carrying a big heart on his shoulders and a mild temper he is the perfect teacher you would crush on in class.

And finally

Itachi- Beautiful eyes with the face of a marble statue. A sexy voice and body. The care for his brother that no one will ever understand. The best big brother