Just some thoughts on Chouji and the philosophy he seems to have on life, considering some of his actions in the series. Also, there will be lighthearted Team Ten moments in the future; this was just a PB that ate away at my mind.

Title: "The Last Chip"

Words: 100 (as usual)

I don't own Naruto

His chest felt thick and heavy with exertion, his shirt was soaked with sweat and a mild sunburn peeled away at the bridge of his nose. The heat of the day rose from the land in hazy waves. Lunchtime had come and gone hours ago.

But, Chouji continued digging.

Fire Country ground was hard, baked by sun and chakra. And, hours passed before the dirt that flew from his shovel, and, eventually, his bare hands equaled even a foot in depth.

But, Chouji continued digging Shikamaru?s grave.

Because, there?s really no point in starting something unless you?re willing to finish it.