Really, there are few things I dispise more than flase advertising.

I like trolls. Why? It's not for amusement at what I may or may not perceive to be ignorance. It's because they are usually very honest and forthwright about thier beliefs. It doesn't matter if I believe they are right or wrong, at least I know that in that persona they are telling the truth. They come in all shapes and forms, but the constant hum of them screaming at a brick wall to convert it to thier belief system is comforting.

I used to think I liked the intellectual and psuedo intellectuals. I think I still like them to a degree, as I attempt to be one on occasion. Why do I not like them as of late? The "enlightened" tend to carry a pretentious air about them that rivals, if not surpasses, that of the trolls. (The trolls who are convinced that they are right 100% of the time.) The barbed comments, reading between the lines, allusions, and clever wording after a while... grate on my nerves. It's like a gigantic pissing contest to see who has the most wit and who can be the most flashy about this wit.

I've seen the dance and heard the song, and it is not comforting like the ramble the trolls offer. Instead, it's irritating. It's like the person eating in the booth next to you having a conversation that is much too loud, the pseudo intellectual/intellectual, and the fly that buzzes about your food. The fly can be swatted away eventually or can be ignored, but the loud conversation is something that edges in constantly. It is much harder to hold a conversation when some unknown person, who never doubts his or her self importance, somehow always manages to interrupt your conversation or speak so loud you can't hear yourself think. The fly is a momentary distraction, the conversation is ongoing.

I don't mind carrying a conversation with someone who is confident. I don't mind carrying a conversation with someone who considers him or herself a _____ snob and wants everyone to know. What I do not happen to like so much is having a conversation with such self proclaimed, if not proclaimed the attitude says it, individuals who happen to carry the same chips on their shoulders that the trolls carry but they would never associate themselves with the trolls in any potentially negative way. Even if they did, surely they were jesting.

Is it in the open? Of course not. It's a sneaky, dirty comment that slips out and is padded to make it maybe not seem what it really was. It was circumstances. It was past experiences. It was the news/family/belief system. It was never a conscious decision to abide by something that was known to not be fair or truthful.

"I will hold you to that standard though it has little to do with the kind of person you are. You had no part in its making. You are blameless, and I am fully aware of that, but you will carry the burden of the standard regardless."

It's bullshit. Pure and simple.

I think everyone's a little racist/sexist/prejudiced. It's part of how we identify with things, our upbringing, our experiences. I don't have a problem with it really. What I happen to have a problem with is individuals who cannot be honest with themselves or others enough to admit to these faults when they come up.