In terms of this season's new crop of anime titles, nothing spectacular comes to mind. However, that hasn't stopped me from watching an insane 22 new Fall series. The previous record was 18 (spring '06).

With 15-20 (fansubbed) series ending over the last 2 months, my list of "currently watching" series has evened out at exactly 50.

I use to think that having a 1TB hard drive provided me with infinite storage space, now I'm sorely mistaken ><

As for this season's series, here's my take on them thus far:


Bamboo Blade
This would have to be a surprise hit for me. I wasn't on the lookout for this title, but after watching the first episode, I was hooked. Tamaki is such a cute and endearing character that possess a wholesome sense of justice and can back it up with her Kendo.

Blue Drop
I have to admit, I only watched this title because one of the genres said Yuri >_>, but it is interesting to see what's Hagino's ultimate mission on this planet and how does it connect with Mari.

As a replacement for Kanon and Air, it has more than surpassed it's predecessor's in it's early going. With the right blend of humor, character interaction and mystery, it's certainly managed to keep me interested.

Da Capo II
I was certainly looking forward to this title. I felt very comfortable jumping into this world. Even though it's set 53 years in the future from the first series, it fails to miss a beat. While it does have follow the script a bit too close to the original series, it's still a refreshing yet nostalgic trip down the road of Da Capo.


One of the more anticipated series of the fall season, it's certainly held my interest. And now that the whole Tao/Jin dynamic just got rocked in previous episode with the arrival of Gio, things are sure to get heated up once more.


ef a tale of memories
Another series that got great press early on in the year. It's presentation style is a bit weird. It kind of reminds me of Negima! (in terms of the weird references and animation, not the comedic aspect). But the storyline and how it connects certain characters is indeed engaging.

Genshiken II
Another sequel, I've been dying to watch since the OVA's ended in the summer. Things started off kind if slow but with the development of comifest and certain possible relationships, it looks to get much better. Plus, the OP rocks ^_^

Goshusho-sama Ninomiya-kun
This series was slaughtered all over blogs and message boards. It's not going to win any awards in animation nor storyline. However, it's just a fun watch. No need to worry about a plot or anything of the sort. It's a guilty pleasure like eating cake even though you know it's bad for your health. A succubus that's afraid of the opposite sex and needs to overcome it by spending time with a guy sounds like some fun watching to me xDD

Gundum OO

Not since Gundam Seed have I been into a Gundam series. This gives off a glimmer of hope. I'm still not completely hooked on the series but the idea being the Celestial beings is a good stab at a storyline hook.

Juushin Enbu (Hero Tales)
Action and Adventure seems to be the name of this game. The first episode already shown it's going to an interesting ride with Taitou learning about his power and destiny, meeting his other destine comrades and enemies.


Kimikiss Pure Rouge

Wow, I simply love this series. It does a great job of delving into the lives of so many of the other characters and doesn't really shortchange the two male protagonists as well as Mao. It's a so far enjoyable series, about love, friendship and just slice of life stuff.

Kodomo no Jikan
Lolicons please enter here<--
Not much to say, except that if you like the manga then you should give the anime a shot. I prefer the OVA actually, because the tv series tends to edit the hell out a whole bunch of scenes. Oh, well, I guess this more reason to wait for the uncensored DVD's. I'll still be watching this series to see the actual parts they did right xDD

Another suprise hit for me. I wasn't expecting to catch a good comedy series this season, but it ranks up there with Azumanga Daioh and Ichigo Mashimaro. Kana is <333


I'm still deciding whether to keep or drop this series. It basically deals with the life of two sisters who have a supernatural sense. The first episode was a bit slow paced and not to my liking but the second episode preview seemed interesting, so I'm holding off until then.


Another great school, romance story. Sana, who left 5 years ago now comes back to visit his friends, including Nanaka, but something has changed within her and after initially not recognizing her learned that the hard way. Overall, this series is really entertaining and makes you wonder just what will eventually get these two back together.

Night Wizard

7 jewels, emulators, and Night Wizards. Sounds like an RPG? Because that's just what the series is based off of. It's humorous and offers a good sense of adventure and mystery.

Prism Ark
I'm still trying to make some sense out of this one but the first episode grabbed my attention (not withstanding the fact that it's based off an H-game). Nothing too weird or unique about this title, however, the varied cast of characters on this journey more than gives this series a shot at something decent.

Rental Magica

Another highly touted series. It basically follows the story of a group of magicians (from different backgrounds such as Shinto, Celtic, etc...) and work together under the name Astral. The current President inherited this business from his dad even though he doesn't have a knack for this line of work, but tries his best. The jobs while not large (at first) are always interesting and shows that the group members are far more powerful and capable than people give them credit for. Then there's Iba's past and the right eye that's possessed, which adds another layer of interest to the story.

Shakugan no Shana II
The movie that came out this subbed about a month or so ago managed to wet my appetite for the sequel. And it hasn't disappointed with new enemies as well as some old ones, along with the same drama from last season (+1) ^__^

Shougo Chara!
Wow, another surprise hit, about a girl who comes across 3 eggs that represents her different personalities (the sides of her she wish she can show but hides it). It's really cute, funny and has a sense of adventure and wonderment. Amu=Goth, lolita xDD

Sketchbook ~full color'S~
Cute series, with a nice laid back pace about a shy girl who likes drawing. It's often cute and entertaining on some levels, but it's not the usual series that I'm usually into, so I'm on the fence about keeping it in my line up.

Going to watch Ghost Hound tonight ^__^