Fabulous Days


Ugh. I woke up with a horrible hangover this afternoon (went to bed at 6am, woke up at 2pm) and felt like shit. Thankfully, a Gatorade helped. :3

If you're wondering, I got some alcohol (nothing major, just some vodka/cherry whiskey and some beer for me) and invited a couple friends over to my parents' camper and we just stayed in there all night, alternating between card playing and movie watching whilst drinking.

I had played Leisure Suit Larry for the XBox beforehand and decided "Hey, let's play quarters!" What a bad decision. I got it in once (then again, my other friend only got it in once and the last friend never got it in) and we drank a lot in the five or so minutes we played.

Then my friend decided to be dumb and pour a mickey of Polar Ice into a big jug of orange juice. I don't know how the hell I'm going to drink it now. D:

All in all, a good night and the last party of summer.

I didn't really do anything important other than go shopping for school supplies.

I suppose it's a reminder of things to come tomorrow. w00t -.-

I am getting a haircut though, which is a plus. Longish hair is too...high maintenance. Therefore I've decided to cut it shorter.

I have to look my best tomorrow. Here's wishing myself luck for the school year! :yell