Fabulous Days

Hi, everyone. I decided to turn this into a daily thing. I hope someone actually doesn't decide this is tl;dr and reads it. :3

Because I'll be mentioning work a lot, I thought why not give a description of my job and various matters concerning? Thus, this introduction was born.

I work at Athlete's World. A store where we sell shoes of most types (not children's, because we hate making money) and mostly gangster/athletic clothes. The store also loves to suck Adidas' cock, as we have their new Bounce shoes on display.

But those shoes pale in comparison to the Asics Gel 2120, which are just superior. But I digress.

The Co-Workers

A truly colorful bunch and I feel somewhat privileged to work with them, though they all can be annoying at times. I will refer to them by their first initial.

Manager- J- A cool guy, but never is really there and frequently goes to Edmonton to help them out. Okay to work with, only slightly demanding.

Manager's Girlfriend- L- Nice to work with, probably the most sane person there.

Talker- D- As the name suggests, talks. A LOT. I usually don't agree with her opinions, and thus a debate seems to spark whenever we talk. She also has a tendency to steal my sales occasionally.

Polish- K- Somewhat new, kind of hot and while she talks as much as D, her opinions are more in line with mine.

The Hot One- R- Fulfills the stereotype of the dumb blond perfectly. Also kind of a liar, because even the most retarded looking jackets apparently look great on me.

Unknown- C- All I know about this guy is that he works full time at Moxies.

My job is mostly simple, as all I have to do is help people and occasionally give them advice. I'm slowly turning into a good salesman and learning to socialize through this job.

But I don't make commission. And that sucks.

Sales Totals

Total Money- $1256.29 (DAMN good for Sunday, 2nd place to D)
U.P.T (Units Per Transaction)- 2.00 (1st place, 2.00 being what we're supposed to aim for)
Avg. Trans. Value- $118.29 (3rd place, I usually own pretty damn hard in this)

All in all, I suppose today was pretty good for sales, and I did get to do some "spectating".

With any luck, this blog will grow. :LOS

All questions and such will be answered. Perhaps I'll start a Q and A corner?