I was sitting down, reminiscing on all the good times I had with my broke laptop today during an Electric Machines lecture, when I remembered something I had come up eith and abandoned, simply because I couldn't get away with it.
Let's start from the beginning. I often download a lot of stuff without actually looking at what I'm downloading. SO, at the end of the month, I usually go trawling to see just what I've downloaded, delete the useless shite, and organize the rest. And then I came across a file '133244.rar'. I opened it, and what do you know, I found 3 child rape videos (well, at least the first one was child rape) sitting in the archive. And then it came to me.

What if I made a similar video, only, instead of raping children, I'd be executing those lowlifes who make this kind of shit in the first place?