Yesterday was pretty packed with anime viewing even though Labor Day is supposed to be pegged as a holiday to go out and enjoy one's self.


I ended up watching episodes 8 and 9 of Zero no Tsukaima as well as episode 21 of Lucky Star, which were all pretty entertaining.

I also started watching the first 5 episodes of Zegapain and I'm absolutely loving it ^_^

Then there was the Pokemon Diamond/Pearl marathon on Cartoon Network which I spent most of the day watching.

With a new day underway, I'll be enjoying the first sub of the second season of Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou Tou Dai Ni Maku (finally!!! ;__;)

New episodes of D-grayman (47), Kaze no Stigma (21), Seto no Hanayome (22), and Devil May Cry (10) were released as of yesterday, so I'll be watching them as well.

Not to mention starting a new series Midori no Hibi and continuing with Zegapain.

I also recorded new episodes of Tokko and Street Fighter II last night on SCi-Fi channel and I plan on watching it sometime today.

My day's going to spent glued to my LCD screen >_<
But I don't regret it one bit :noworry

Hopefully, I'll remember to eat today :awesome