A serious entry, believe it or not.

Today, I was out with some friends in downtown having some chicken and sage boxty at my favorite Irish restaurant and then wandered around the streets so our stomach could prepare for some dessert at another place. It was a busy night, full of people all over the place walking, chatting, and having fun. Amid the laughters, ladies prancing in their stilettos and As I walked by each street, I saw at least one or two homeless people offering jokes, roses, and other meager contributions just for a dollar. No one cared and I felt bad.

I understand that some of them can only blame themselves for their own predicament. I also realize that by giving them money, they could use it unproductively. Furthermore, if I bring out my wallet, there's no telling what they might do as soon as they see it. I get all that, I'm not completely naive, although I still consider myself quite the naive idealist.

Nevertheless, I feel guilty and terrible everytime I walk by a homeless person and I don't do anything. I do donate to charities reguarly and I've done a fair share of volunteer work throughout my life. Still, it just sometimes never seems to be enough.

For the past few years, I've been busier than normal (yes I have a life outside NF). I've neglected to volunteer myself more for the community. One year I made a resolution that I would do more volunteer work and I did. I volunteered at a non-profit. Unfortunately, the organization didn't really utilize their volunteers for rewarding experiences. We were basically asked to do office work, mail their letters, sort through their emails, and create their powerpoint presentations for them. It was a bit disheartening to say the least.

Sigh, well now that I made that little rant, I guess its time for me to consider doing a little more for the community. Perhaps, this time, I'll actually go through an organization through my school rather than find one on my own.

Shit, why am I posting on such a downer of a subject at this hour? I was supposed to sleep early since I have a day worth of sightseeing with my friend from out of town and its going to be in fucking miserable heat. :cry