It was one of those days that Deidara wanted to just disappear. Yes, once again it was Tobi's "everyone's invited role play night" This night's theme... gangster.

"What up, Dei- Senchizzle?" Tobi said, trying his best. Deidara waved him away. "Go away Tobi,un. I have to repaint my nails. How do they look?" he asked, unwillingly.

"Bitchin' "

Deidara looked over. Did Tobi just say... bitchin' "Tobi, un. Who taught you to speak to me like that?"

"Hidan did" Nevermind, un. Hidan then walked into the room. "What up T-dog." he said, slapping Tobi's shoulder. Deidara looked over. "T-dog?"

Tobi nodded. "Yeah! woof woof!" Hidan sighed. "Don't do that ever again"

Itachi entered the room wearing a wide brim purple hat with a feather, and large sunglasses...Kisame followed.

"What up, hoes? Waz poppin up in here?"
Oh crap...Itachi was a pimp!
Deidara watched as Pein also entered the room, and had a fight in store for Hidan.

'Yo, dawg. Pay me ur respect."
"I dun need to pay you nothin'!"

Blue-chan sighed and sat next to Deidara. "Damn, those two go at it like East side and West side rappers"

"Not you too, Blue-chan , un."
People starting filtering in, from Konoha and Suna. I was a hella party.

Sasuke walked in and slapped Itachi's back.
"Yo man, I hate this bitch. Everyone knows I hate this bitch. What up bro, hoow u doin"
---- Itachi later got into a pimp fight with Orochimaru . Itachi kicked Oro out because of the comment "Your hoe dun even listen to you".

Everyone wasrelaxing and partying when Sakura made his entry. (I kno i said his).

She looked at Sasuke "Hol-ler at y-you boy."
Sasuke looked over. "My god Sakura, you're even worse than Sai!"

Sai looked at an index card, and read
"What up my bizz-natch"
Itachi pulled out a gun and shot Sakura in the chest.

"Ow! I got shot in the tizzet! (tit)"

"You got none, amn you got nonr."

Tobi looked at the time "Well, thanks for coming. Next week is mid evil! Um, someone...dispose of Sakura please'

ya, it sucks...but theres alot of extra stuff i couldn't put in. made by dobe and azn