So, I've been writing so many of these things that I figured I'd put out something that's not ridiculously cryptic.

It seems like every song I listen to has a memory attached to it. Somewhere I listened to that song, or heard it on the radio, or something I thought of when I was playing it.

It's enough to throw me clean out of reality (or nightmares). Worst day ever, one song brings me out, and I'm the happiest guy in the world, again. Sometimes it's a bit hard to find, but there's always a song.

I guess music really is my life.

Today's Music of My Life: The Click Five (- Flipside)

Today's Memory: The parking lot of a hotel in New York City. 2am. Stars out in full force. Ipod on full volume, dancing around because who's watching? There was a van in the back of the lot left unlocked, I opened it to see what was inside but didn't take anything.
This what you mean, Del?