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[size=+1]~My Naruto essays and resources~

1. Primary essays
2. Resources
3. Structure essays
4. Pairing essays
5. Character essays
6. Fanworks
7. Miscellaneous recommendations

1. Primary essays

- A History of Konoha - From a clan-based system, to a village, and more - 07/07
An in-depth study on Konoha's structural and sociological evolution, from its difficult beginnings to an era still marked by war, to its slow march towards peace and social cohesion, until finally reaching the generation of the Rookie 9.

- Because I'm here - The NaruSaku Manifesto - 11/06
Why I like this pairing: the evolution of their interactions, their dynamics, how they're just natural around each other. To this date, my most extensive character and pairing essay.

2. Resources

- The NF to LJ conversion guide! - 08/07
Easy guide for quick code conversion, from NF to LJ.

- Naruto fanart guide - 05/06 + updates
My guide to finding fanarts on both DA and Japanese sites.

- Naruto databook links compile - 10/06
Sheesh, many of the links stopped working after Mangahelpers changed servers. I had to redo most of them.

- Naruto Part I volume/chapter summaries - 01/06
Err, I had made this mostly for myself. It serves as a handy reference for quickly finding back chapters when doing essays.

- A basic raw cleaning tutorial - 07/05
Very basic. How to get those ugly yellow pages into neat black and white in under a minute.

3. Structure essays

- Why I'm really optimistic for the support cast in the second half of part II - 08/07
A structural study on why it was in Kishimoto's best interest to hold back the support cast in the first half of part II, but likely neither has the ability nor the interest to continue doing so in part II.

- Naruto movie creation guide! - 08/07
Take Naruto. Insert more characters for fanservice. Then create a movie character as annoying as possible. Humor.

- Naruto part II, arc IV predictions - 03/07
Based on structure considerations, I've made these predictions 3 chapters into the arc. ^^ Main characters, antagonists and plotlines.

- Naruto part II structure essay - 12/06
A precursor to my future definite Naruto Structure essay.

- Naruto timelines compile - 12/06
Timeline establishments, in support for my timelines essay. Graduation timelines, the Uchiha timeline, the Sannin, the Great Wars, and more.

- Chinese fandom observations - 10/06
My observations of my brief experience with the Chinese Naruto fandom, and differences compared to the English one.

- Naruto Themes essay - 04/06
An old essay analyzing the Naruto thematic process, and the ensuing character design process.

- Naruto Plotlines essay - 11/05
An old essay on the plotline tendencies of Naruto in part II.

4. Pairing essays

- Kaleidoscope - an explanation of the NejiHina fandom - 09/07
My long overdue NejiHina explanation of the fandom. What makes us NejiHina fans tick.

- What I seek for in a pairing - 07/06
Routine, growth, natural, history, and perhaps the occasional comedy and crack.

- When the body is a weapon - an InoChou essay - 10/06
An alternate vision of why I support a certain fanon version of InoChou, even while I don't think as highly of the "canon" version.

- LeeHina fic
Actually, this is a rather old fic, but it basically gives my view of this potentially cute and dynamic pairing. ^^

- Watching the Sun rise after the storm - NejiHina 09/05
My really (really) old NejiHina essay. Rather cheesy too. I've since made a more coherent non-cheesy version.


- Why you shouldn't take the databook too seriously - 12/06
Because according to the databook, Ino will never give up on Sasuke. Omg!

- Why I prefer NaruSaku over SasuSaku - 11/06
Pairing wank. You've been warned. *shrugs again*

- Why I dislike NaruHina - 04/06
More wank. You've been warned. *shrugs*

5. Character essays


- Why no, Pein isn't from a filler clan - 09/07
The kanji for "Fuuma" for Pein's clan is different from the ones used in the fillers. Indeed, Kishimoto's true inspirations are from Japanese history.

- Holes and climbers: what's deep according to a fandom - 10/06
Because according to many fans, the definition of a "deep" character sounds suspiciously like the description for a hole: the darker, colder the character is, and the harder the situation to get out of, the "deeper" it is.

- Bloodline genetics - 06/06
Aka why Kishimoto probably didn't bother with genetics. ^^

- Team 7 - greater than the sum of its parts - 04/06
Originally written to attempt to defuse some of the tension between Naruto-supporters and Sasuke-supporters. That said, I've since become rather tired of this team, and have instead come to appreciate the carefree Team Hebi.

- Sakura fighting style - 11/05
The difference between her style -based on analyzing enemy movements in advance-, and most taijutsu styles, which are based on near instinctive reaction.

- Strength of master summons - 09/05
Hah! Back then, they were terribly overrated and people believed that they could take out a whole village by themselves! Since then, Sasuke got Manda killed. Hah!


- Shikamaru - a structural anomaly - 09/07
Strangely enough, Shikamaru does not fit into the usual structures that limit support casts. Indeed, he is granted structural liberties usually only granted to the main characters.

- Karin defense essay - 05/07
Because I think she's being bashed for nothing. Personally, I think she's really funny. =\

- Hinata, a doormat that grew a spine - 04/06
I like her not because I think she's the best-looking, or the strongest, but because what she seeks to change is her very nature.

- Rin - a medic on the battle-field - 04/06

- Sakura - Cherry blossoms bloom late - 12/05
A Really old essay. I'd do a new Sakura essay, I really would, but I find her to be such a complex character that it would take forever. :S However, check out the other great essays listed in the Sakura fanclub.

6. Fanworks

I don't usually write or draw much really. If you're really curious:
- NaruSaku ficlet
- LeeHina ficlet
- Deviantart gallery

That's about it. I bet you're disappointed! :)

7. Miscellaneous recommendations

Oh! Naruto Nippon! - A radio show where the Naruto voice actors play out radio scenarios. Check out the Oiroke no jutsu section for example. Orochimaru doing Oiroke no jutsu. Priceless.

Fanfic recommendations - Actually, Really old and in need of update. I'll update it... some day. O_o;;

For old non-Naruto stuff, visit The basement!