I've been single for the past 3 years. The last time was I in a relationship, it ended as fast as it started. Perhaps, I shouldn't even consider it much of a relationship, rather a summer fling that is now, nothing more than a distant memory.

Prior to that chapter in my life, I was desperate for love. A hopeless romantic looking for love in all the wrong places hoping to find that fairy tale relationship that would end happily ever after. Those were the days when I was extremely innocent, naive, immature, and impatient. Thus, in a moment of desperation and loneliness, I sought love in a completely different place. Physically and emotionally, he was much different than what I normally desired. I thought, perhaps, this would be the solution to my love woes. I was wrong. Instead of finding comfort, smiles, and love, I found drama, tears, and pain.

For some time, the wounds were still there. It subconsiously affected me as I witnessed my confidence plummet for the first time. Then I gradually moved on without realizing it. Slowly, I no longer thought about him daily, weekly, and monthly. Now, I only mention him when giving advice to my friends on their relationships. Nothing more than memory.

Despite the embarrassment of that chapter in my life, I don't regret a thing I did. Without making mistakes, I won't be able to learn from them. Without enduring obstacles, I won't learn how to overcome them. Without feeling pain, I won't appreciate love that much more.

Nevertheless, I appreciate and embrace my single status. Just because I'm single and not actively pursuing, it does not mean I no longer believe in love or finding a relationships. If it comes my way, then I'm lucky, but if it doesn't, I have much to be happy about in life. I'm just not lonely and desperate anymore.