Now not but a handful of people are going to read this so I Can say whatever the hell I feel like Saying such as:I am the Lord Jesus Christ...or Kishimoto will be the next US president ...but just in case the people I speak of here happen to read this...take it with a gain of salt and remember:The INTERNET is not serious business...

A pedoLike member into Loli, who has managed to gain Acceptance and even fans on NF...though some find him distastful...funny thing is personalty wise he dose not seem to be a bad guy...he just thinks he has a problem...not that I condone such things...he has Issue's he has to work out, I think before he can move on with his life.

TK: Is a self-described nice yet creepy person...and if a bitch, she is one in a good way...Big Kimi fan...FC owner...Liked and hated...she is anti-Sakura...Anti-Naruto...dose not care for the big three pairings...She is interesting and very amuseing...a worthy person to get to know...that beautiful bitch.

Halfhearted: A intelligent if Semi-eccentric member...who writes the best and most well thought out post on the forum...she approves of i*c*st a fan of Kakashi and a bit of a intellectual ..she dose not get enough appreciation for her long and complicated posts, that she sometimes even posts in the most ridiculous threads...she is a joy for a thread Maker such as favorite poster.

Coming Tomorrow:Dogma, Kimi and Y.Kabuto.