So, I was checking my email today, and got this message:


Hi My name is patricia mcCarty and I Have a
Daughter 12 years old named Patrice Tamayo. She writes
stories too. She told me she sent some in to you and
they are posted. This doesn't bother me. I am just
wanting to know if she is being honest with me
about her writings. I looked where her stories are and
I saw some of them at your Naroto site and deviant
site... at this point, I'm not 100% sure if they are
hers. I KNOW most at your site are not hers. But they
are all under you as the auther. My daughter told me
that she gave permission to post and to use your name
as the auther. I'm not upset if such is the case, I
just want to know if she is lieing to me abou this.
She is 12 and goes to Highland elementery here in CA.
she has a friend named Ivey (sp) who also likes the
same things, BLEACH.

Ypur probley wondering why I care so much, LOL well
here's the deal. Both my kid and I have learning
problems, dislexica (that's why I am not spelling
well, I want you to see, lol) anyway. Her grades in
school are awful, and theses writings she's done (if
in fact she has) are WELL over her level and then
some. This gives me hope that all is not lost in the
way of her education for the future, and I plan to
show her teacher some of her writings at the next
paret teacher meeting this Friday coming up. I don't
want to be made a fool of, you know?

The teacher said, despite her grades, she is one of
the best writers in her class, so I know it is very
possible she did write the stories she claims. If
you could just verifi for me that she did send you
some stories, that is all I need to know and I'd be
satified. And if you have a cosin named Ivey who is
12 and goes to Highland here in CA and is a very good
artist, that would be helpful too.

Thanks and sorry about the questions, but I need to
patricia McCarty

You might ask why I find this particular e-mail funny, and if you haven't read my works, I can completely understand your confusion.

However, this e-mail (to me, anyways), seems like a cheap ploy to get more views on their deviantart page.

That's not the funny thing though. The humorous part is that I tend to write lemons/smut/erotica. So therefore, even if they were being honest, this person has a TWELVE YEAR OLD kid who's claiming to write MY erotica, and she wants to show these stories to this kid's teachers at a MEETING.

*dies laughing*