I'm lucky i don't have any dreams anymore.

I mean I guess I must still dream at night, but my memory of them is 0%. Which for a long time bothered me, cuz I felt like I was being jipped... but I think perhaps it's a blessing not a curse. Mostly started when I stop smokin pot...

god I miss that...

But more often that not, people are telling me about an awfule dream they had. maybe they saw their loved one cheating on them, or maybe they were being chased by blood thirsty clowns. But when I wake up, the last thing I ever can remember is falling asleep.

I had a friend who could pass out for 5 minutes and wake up and tell me, "oh man, there was dragons, and wizards, and you were THERE and had a golden ax and I had on a blue cape, , aand..." but i'm never sure if he really dreamt all the shit or if he's trying to make me jealous.