Our grade was going on a trip to space. We were on some sort of spacecraft, with... a blue interior, I believe. One of the students was late, so she had to be catapulted from Earth in a long ship (which I will attempt to draw and post here).

Somehow, I had knowledge that this would have happened... as if I've already experienced this situation before. Anyway, there's some sort of emergency, and there's a weird white tile that looked like a piece of an advanced airconditionner, and a neary handle (like the kind they have in bathrooms). So, to help against the emergency, the people at the craft (I don't know who but I'm thinking that one of them was Ritsuko Akagi) took off this handle, revealing a rectangular hole in the wall.

Apparently this led to some room? And I don't remember much but now...


I'm at a library, and I'm borrowing something. It might have been a book, but it might have been some DVDs. I knew the people at the desk, but I didn't talk to them when I took out a book. The library was in the mall, by the way, and the front desk was visible to anybody outside.

As I walked out of the mall, I guess I could say I saw people I knew from my old school sitting on this structure (a fountain?). I suppose they were somewhat intimidating... there were also musicians at the end of the mall, in another room at the end of a hallway. They weren't scary, but I was pretty much alone. I only saw their backs. I didn't interact with them at all or try to observe them.

I think they were violinists.

I went back (?) , and saw some of my old friends... doing something related to an oline game? Like, Runescape or something. They used to play that.

Suddenly I find my way to a building and... stuff happens, and I am at a nearby location (perhaps inside, on one of the floors). I was surrounded by two or three people, then there was a great big flash and... I wasn't sure, but I think something was protecting me. I don't know, but in the dream, I kept thinking "Second Impact", even though this wasn't much like it.

Perhaps I was thinking "Third Impact"...

Anyway, I'm not sure what happened, but they disappeared, and I was alone in this weird blue space. I think. I'm not sure what happened but I found myself out side... percieving thinks to be chess pieces.

I must have been scarred. At this point, I saw a lot of chess pieces, and everything - the chess pieces, trees, grass... the all looked sketchy. As in, something sketched... somethign drawn.

Perhaps I percieved people to be chess pieces, and time "reset" to an earlier point, like how I experienced a situation. Either way, the voices I heard and might ahve been talking to were probably in my head.

And then there was a chess game, from bird's eye view.