First dream (since I woke up but went back to sleep)
I knew Blue in real life, she was like a mother to me.

Everything else I don't remember.

Second Dream
I was in a library... fighting Voldemort, with other peopple (perhaps Ron and Hermoine?). He was knocking down books and shelves, attacking us, and then... something happened, and we were alone, in a corner. And the librarian was about to walk in, and suddenly...

Cut to me in school. I wanted to apply for a job at the school's fast sood service, doingstuff like cleaning tables. The interviewer said, "What do you think of when you hear 'McDonalds'?" and I said, "Burger, fries.... nuggets" after looking at someone's meal.

Dumbledore (homeroom teacher?) told me in class that I got the job, as well as another person's achievement... everyone clapped, and I tried not to smile/laugh, but look like this -> :amazed

Then he talked to a boy my age, sitting alone. This boy was supposed to be Voldemort. No one could see his face, it was so close to the teacher's desk. He was sitting alone... Dumbledore went to talk to him about the boy's sleeping problems, and how he should sleep beside someone else, but he must not look at that person... or that person wil die.

Skip a bunch of stuff I vaguely remember...

I went to bed a room (not my home, probably a dorm) and as I went into bed, I saw the boy who was supposed to be Voldemort.

At this point, I instead refer to him as "the devil". He is no longer Voldemort, I don't know where this change came from.

So could only see his hair. The rest of his body was covered with blankets. I slep beside him, with my feet beside his feet, and his feet beside my head. Then I got up later to get something (I might have talked to him but I don't remember)...

Two things happened...
- there was a picture on a computer that had me and the devil in it... it was fanart! It was bad or anyything though, we weren't doing anything really. I think we were having fun. I saw his eyes, which were red.
- there were three girls in a pink room with lots of stuff inside. They were saying things like, "omg he gets to sleep beside someone else" and "omg they're sleeping together" "I wana sleep with someone else too" and so they exited the room... to plot?

Then I go back to the room, and sleep beside him... this time so that my head is beside his head, and I told him "I saw your eyes, I must be dead". He said something which I don't remember... and then...

- I saw one of his eye's, which were indeed red... and this might have been when I fell in love with him... yes, in my dream, I fell in love with the Prince of Darkness :arg
- he was in my spot so I tried to carry him to his spot, but I ended up hugging his lower back?

update (sort of): and then I realized "if you look at that person he will die" thing... it really meant to say, if you see his face you WILL find it attractive, no matter who you are. And if you do him you will die... somehow >_____<