The much debated and cataloged Dragon Ball Z power level is a source of constant consternation and fan-wank. When Vegeta is shown blowing up planets at 18,000, it gives the rest of the series an absurd feel.

Technically many DBZ characters, if the power level scale is linear, ought to cause planetary destruction through carelessness.

However there is a solution to this problem. Treat the relative different between power levels as being scaled logarithmically like decibels.

Take Vegeta at the start of the Saiyan Saga. Power level 18,000. 10 log (18,000) gives a relative power level of 43. When Goku's power level exceeds 9,000...his relative power level is 40.

Meaning he will have a relatively smaller power gap between himself and Vegeta. This means he can fight effectively.

Yamcha on the other hand with a power level of 1400 would not be able to fight Vegeta effectively because the relative power difference is three times the difference between Vegeta and Goku's power-level of 9,001

Also, Nappa looks like a child molestor.