Whoa, blogs. ... New way to spend hours at work doing nothing!

Of course I don't know if anyone will read these. ... Bah, who cares. I need to let off a little steam, and if anyone happens to read then good for them. If not... ah well.

Just got out of a total phailure of a thread. Something about how Kishimoto can't draw women as well as Kubo. I didn't wanna get too much into it but, being who I am, I wrote a long detailed post. I didn't want to point anyone out, because that'd just start an argument. I'm not gonna point anyone out in this blog either, just in case someone *does* read.

I know forums can be a source of needless flaming and anger but jeez! Leave poor Kishimoto alone! >__> Yeah. He can't draw women as well as Kubo. Akira Toriyama's females often had scary anatomy but does that make Akira Toriyama the bad artist? Kishimoto is a shounen manga artist, give him a break!

I did have to agree with one person's post, talking about how Kubo could draw better females but their characters were to be less than desired. I do enjoy Rangiku and Unohana very much, but ... never in my life have I disliked females as much as I do Hinamori and Orihime. Orihime has a chance to be redeemed but... dang Hinamori is awful. I learned to appreciate Sasuke more because of her and that is saying a lot.

I really don't favor one over the other. Kubo's males, in my opinion, are much more visually appealing in most cases, but this may be because Bleach has a greater number of outstanding male characters (male characters that are not random background characters and etc). Their bodies also seem to be sexier (omg I about went crazy when Ikkaku swung his bankai around and showed off that flawless body of his :arg ). On the other hand I feel a lot more attachment to Kishimoto's characters, mostly because I've seen a lot of them go through trials and grow up and etc.

Bleach is lacking in story compared to Naruto at the moment, though. I WANT THE HUECO MUNDO ARC TO END NOW!!

Anyway, I'm about to pass out, I'm gonna go get a coke out of the vending machine and hope the caffeine kicks in.