So, I'm at the doctor's office in one of the examination room, and I hear two doctors arguing down the hall over the course of treatment of a patient. And I guess one of them was being sarcastic when they said one course of treatment would be to wait until they go into cardiac arrest and die (because of the tone of his voice). I seriously think those two were going to get into fisticuffs about how to treat the patient (oncology patient)

The second conversation occurred right next door between a doctor and a female patient. He was explaining how she was in her 3rd stage? and they needed to start chemo-therapy right away. Even though her chances are slim, then I could hear her weeping. The doctor said it's better to go ahead with the treatment rather than leave it as is....

I kinda felt sorry for her =/

I hate the fact that Hematology and Oncology are usually in the same clinic. All my life, I've met and talked to many cancer patients (especially those with Leukemia). I have Hemophilia A, hence why I go to a Hematologist.

All I have to say is that you never get use to seeing a person one day and going back 6 months later to find out things didn't go to well for them :(