There is too much hate in this forum, just because of our ideology, and i have made a study about this.

The two main fractions are The Namikaze Group and The Uchiha Group

The Namikaze Group is composed of;

Naruto/Jiraiya/ Minato/Pein

The Uchiha Group is composed of;


Their ideology is that each counter part is stronger than the other.

For example, a person from the Namikaze Group might say,

Naruto > Sasuke
Jiraiya > Oro
Minato > Itachi,
Pein > Madara

While a person from the Uchiha Group might say

Sasuke > Naruto
Oro > Jiraiya
Itachi > Minato
Madara > Pein

Right after that group, we have two other rivalries Groups

Those are the Hyuuga Group and the Gai Group.

The funny thing is that both groups are just composed of one member each,

The Hyuuga Group is composed of;


The Gai Group is composed of;


According to the Hyuuga Group, Neji can kill anyone, and the same thing can be said about the Gai Group when dealing with Gai. They also share a big hatred toward the Uchihas, one group saying that the Hyuugas are the strongest clan and the other group saying that Gai would kill any Uchiha because he is immune to their sharingan.

There are other groups, but they are almost insignificant

If we pay attention to these 4 groups, we can understand their relation a little bit better.

The Namikaze group doesn?t hate anyone except the Uchiha Group because they are the only ones they haven?t beaten, and feel threatened by their superiority and importance to the storyline. They don?t hate the rest of the other fractions, because they have already become their bitches when one from the Namikaze beat someone from that Group. They also have the tendency of saying ?Naruto is the title of this manga, so he will be the strongest of all at the end? when all the evidences points out that Uchihas are Gods and the rest is garbage.

The Hyuuga Group and the Gai Group don?t hate anyone, except Uchihas, which is also a trait they share with the Namikaze Group. They tend to be tame around the Namikaze Group so that they can pet them in return, but turn hostile with the Uchiha Group, which is why they have gotten the nickname ?The Dogs of the Namikaze Group? They basically do the dirty work of the Namikaze Group, when they don?t want to get their hands dirty. The Gai Group is mostly calm but if an opportunity arises, they won?t hesitate to go against the Uchihas.

The Uchiha Group acts like Gods because they are Gods. They view the Namikaze Group as a bunch of people that clean their toilets. They view the Hyuuha Group as a devolution clan while they view the Gai Group as a fucking joke. Unlike the other Groups, the Uchiha Group doesn?t hate a certain Group, they hate every Group, because they are all ingrates. When they pwn your ass, they expect a thank you from you because its an honors getting the shit beaten out of you by an Uchiha. Bceause their is one thing that Uchihas don't lack, and that is hatred.

If I were to summarize all this, I would have to say that the Uchiha Group are dicks, the Namkaze Group are pussies and the other two groups are assholes. This is why those three groups hate the Uchiha Group, because they keep fucking with them.