Not much of an opening to self whorism, but...

My day to day life is almost certainly more uninteresting than you could ever falsify, so don't bother.

I guess I should explain myself, for those unfamiliar with myself, and that that could possibly entail:

Music lover extrodinaire, Literature Buff, Pseudointellectual, artist, blowhard and moron are several indicators of myself, and my confusing personality. Not terribly loud, boisterous or obnoxious as I might seem online, I'm a rather feral person by heart, even if I don't show it in my real demeanor. Ever thinking, and ever plauged, I often spend much [I would often say, too much] in silent contemplation of everything that could possibly have entered my mind at any given time. Though it often confuses others, I love to sit and think for hours on end at times. Those that are willing to think for themselves, and think about that which is rarely thought of are people worth talking to, in my opinion. The process of thought is something we often, as people, take for granted, and it's incredible power to create, destroy, persuade, disuade, solve, fragment, amuse and perplex is something that I think many people don't realize they have running through their neurons. Don't let it slip by.

Musically, I'm somewhat of an eclectic bloke. I love music in general, and have found artists that I enjoy immensly in just about every genre of music thought of, but I do have my favorites, and they're not for the faint of heart. The Progressive and Avantgarde are my tastes; the thought provoking, brilliant, amazing, spectacular, hilarious and all those little things that represent human life at it's most fundemtal get my vote. It's all subjective, but humanity is not.

Daily events:

Today, I went to Wal-Mart and bought shoe laces for my shoes, 'cause my old ones were boring. :D