I'm proud of azn. She's well respected now. And almost up to the level of well recognized names along with Rios, Sasori-Puppet #04, Tyki Mikk, and our beloved TxK. :wtf

Also another warm welcome to OokamiAnko. But onto the hating!!

I am a proud member of the Anti-Sakura FC. I am their song writer (lol, for other readers outside the FC who are interested.) These are basically akward intros and unneccisary reviews. :cry

But seriously, it's my first blog. Yay me. :laugh
I hope to spread the hatred soon. My goal for the new year is to not "lack hatred" but not let darth dobe out. It teaches darth dobe a lesson when she's glossed over, so most of my rants are skipped.

and I make pervy jokes alothough no one cares :hehee