Wachovia consistently fails to post deposits in a timely manner, often resulting in overdraft fees which are exorbitant.

Last Thanksgiving, I made a deposit the Tuesday before Thanksgiving day and then made purchases of gasoline and fast food during our travels over the Thanksgiving holiday. Those purchases posted the following Monday, as well as overdraft fees when the deposit I had made the previous Tuesday didn't post until the Wednesday a week later. The actual amount of the overdraft was $27 and change. The overdraft fees charged as a result amounted to $360 because each transaction over is charged $30 regardless of the amount of the transaction.

They're trying this crap again. On Friday, January 25, I obtained a refund from Gamestop that was credited directly to my check card. I then went to WalMart and made a grocery purchase. On Saturday the 26th, I made a $500 deposit via teller at my local branch and later withdrew $40 from the ATM at the same branch. On Monday the 28th, my husband made a grocery purchase around 3pm. By the night of the 28th, the WalMart purchase, ATM withdraw, and grocery purchase were all posted to my account, but there was absolutely no sign of the refund or deposit.

I have never overdrawn an account in my life of my own doing and Wachovia's failure to post deposits results in financially debilitating fees that many customers bear no responsibility for. Please, do not bank with Wachovia.