part 1

N° 5 Tactimon Jatetsufūjin-maru y Shoutmon EX6​

Sealed within the Jatetsufūjin-maru is a sinister power strong enough to split a star in two, so drawing this sword marks the collapse of a star.

One of the Three Chief Officers of the Bagra Army with the power to control the 'Jatetsufūjin-maru', a sword capable of splitting stars in two. He also excels in his role as a tactician.

Sealed within the 'Jatetsufūjin-maru' wielded by Tactimon is a fearsome power capable of splitting even stars in two.Sealed within the 'Jatetsufūjin-maru' wielded by Tactimon is a fearsome power capable of splitting even stars in two.

Shoutmon ex6
When Shooting Starmon is present, he unleashes a punch from his fist strong enough to shatter a star using his special combo move "Ryūsei Rock Damashī".

Using the same ideas as with mirageogaogamon, tactimon's sword concentrates all its power on the edge and shoutmon ex6 in the area of his weapon, which was able to split tactimon's sword. Now, how powerful would a sword strike be? let's see. using this image the height of tactimon would be 4 meters. and as seen in this manga image, the length of the sword is doubled, that would be about 8 meters, with the width, according to this article on knives, being about 0.013 inches = 0.33 millimeters = 0.00033 meters. looking for the area of the serious edge.

A= 8*0.00033= 0.00264 m2. this is 378 part of a square meter, this means that this small area hits with the energy of 2.25423e41 joules, converting this into force would be 2.25423e41 N/m2, the area is smaller than a square meter, so we multiply by the difference 2.25423e41*378 = 8.5209894e43 Newton this would be equal to 1 million times stronger than being hit by an object with the mass of the black hole Sagittarius A (the super massive hole that is in the center of our galaxy) so Shoutmon ex6's hit should be superior if he was able to break the sword.

N 4° Ancient Volcamon​

Generates antimatter in his body to cause a super detonation like a tiny Big Bang

The fury of this active volcano Digimon is similar to the nuclear explosion of a supernova!

a digimon with the power of the supernova, it is curious that the power causes a small big bang, since in the scientific community they refer to supernovae as small big bangs, which generate an energy of 10e44 joules, this is about 4436 times more powerful than the energy to destroy a star like the sun or 0.02 %

N 3° Apocalymon ataque del big bang - seraphimon testamento y gracenovamon.​


It self-destructs in an explosion that can destroy entire worlds.

Bring great destruction, the Big Bang of the Apocalypse!


and his greatest special technique, which sacrifices his mortal life to trigger a Big Bang.(Testament).

sacrifices his mortal life to trigger a Big Bang


when Digital World: Iliad was visited by an unprecedented crisis. By colliding the opposing energies of the sun and the moon, he formed Big Bang-class energy within his body. Because of this, Grace Novamon itself has been predicted to have become an independent galaxy, and the full size of its data is said to be impossible to accurately measure. wiki

here the scale has gone too high, apocalymon and seraphimon create a big bang as a last resort by sacrificing their lives and grace novamon possesses energy of that level. Although at present not all the energy that can be released by the big bang is known, it is known that it was enough to for the universe that has a mass of 1.5e53 kg and a diameter of 8.8e26 meters, that is, a radius of 4.4e26 meters. How much would it take to destroy everything? For this we will assume that the explosion occurs in the center of the universe and is capable of destroying a planet like Earth at its ends.

the GBE of the earth is = 2.33e32 joules

land surface area = 510 100 000 000 000 m2

this is = 4.5677318172907273e17 joules or 109 megatons per m2

Universe area = 4*pi*4.4e26^2 = 2.43284935093993588e54 m2

total = 2.43284935093993588e54* 4.5677318172907273e17 = 1.111260338696344e72 joules or 4.92e30 times more powerful than destroying the sun.

N 2°. Neo - ogudomon anticuerpo X - Susanoomon - clavis angemon- Huanglongmon-Abbadomon - Leviamon​


Said to possess giant jaws that could engulf even the Digital World, this sprawling monster is reported to sleep in the depths of the Grid Ocean closest to the Dark Area, and if awakened, it will despise any Digimon in the part. higher, and it will make other Demon Lord Digimon and even Angel Digimon run away in fear.

This ocean demon lord swallows even the digital world with its long jaws!

It destroys everything with its huge Tribune that is said to swallow even the Digital World.

It is said to be fearsome enough to swallow the entire world, but this Digimon was once thought to only exist in legends.

A member of the Seven Great Demon Lords who sleeps in the abyss of the Digital World. It has a body of unimaginable size and is known as the Devil Beast for fear of the power of its gigantic jaws that rival the size of the world.


This being is good but also evil, and is called the "Taiji" of light and darkness. It has eight eyes and twelve external Digicors, and its gigantic body is covered in scales of the special "Huanglong Ore" which boasts absolute toughness, making it impossible to inflict a single wound on it. Its special moves are continuously disarming everything on the digital world, throughout eternity, at the two extremes of light and dark, bringing it to non-existence in a short time.( Taikyoku ) wiki

Ogudomon X- antibody

Both the evil thoughts of the Seven Great Demon Lords and their destructive impulses have been further amplified by the X-Antibody, and the power emanating from it is capable of causing the Digital World to collapse due to its mere existence. (wiki)

Clavis angemon

An Angel Digimon that guards the "Zenith Gate" between the Digital World and the outside world. The "Zenith Gate" is sealed by means of 360 gates, and "The Key" held by Clavis Angemon is used as a master key for each gate. "The Key" is a special key that only Clavis Angemon can wield, so it can be said that Clavis Angemon himself is part of the key. It is said that through the power placed in the key, he is able to use enough offensive power to collapse the Digital World, but only on enemies trying to break through the gates. wiki


Told in Eastern legends, he is the strongest destructive god and the god who rules over regeneration. It is said that when the Grid System descends into chaos, it will wipe out the existing system and create a new one.

This last military god of the east descends in times of trouble to rule destruction and regeneration!

The ZERO-ARMS: Orochi's roaring thunder cannon brings existing systems back to zero!

This eastern god of destruction and rebirth splits the world in two!

Purify systems with its flames of destruction and regeneration!

The strongest god of destruction spoken of in eastern legends, he descends when the Grid System begins to show anomalies. He also rules over rebirth and will recreate a new system after he has destroyed everything.


A mysterious Digimon that greatly evolved by absorbing the negative data that the Network is overflowing beyond its limit. His raison d'être is to transcend good and evil, and return everything to nothing. It bites into Digimon and the Digital World itself with its large mouth in the center and the mouths on its numerous tentacles, and after doing so, only empty, blank data remains. The birth of Abbadomon is undoubtedly a crisis for the entire Digital World, and it is conjectured that some Digital Worlds in other dimensions have been wiped out by him. wiki


Ultimate Digimon, the most powerful beings in the Digital World, become powerless against NEO. His "judgment" pushes everything before him back into nothingness, as if something was originally there. literally "never existed". Furthermore, his "Zero Genesis" is capable of filling the nothingness caused by "Judgment" with new existence, and has the power to destroy and create, and reshape the Digital World itself. wiki

Zero Genesis: Separate time and space to destroy the universe

everyone in this position can do the same as the previous position using their techniques without having to resort to suicide.

No. 1 Jexmon GX.​

The "Unlimited Gauntlet", which is now his primary weapon, is a piece of equipment used for both offense and defense that switches between its respective sword, knuckle, and shield modes depending on the situation. The Tactical Arms has become a wing-shaped power construct by further evolving, and its flight capability has also increased rapidly. In his Arms state, he unleashes a subluminal combo-attack which succeeds in Gankoomon's secret technique (Seiken Meppa). His final secret technique is that JESmon GX becomes the vessel for his "Knight Intruder", the fourteenth ultimate battle blade that should not exist, by concentrating the energy of the royal Knights, turning into an offensive judgment sword that erases instantly the opponent no matter how strong they are. wiki

Like the previous post, this digimon can concentrate all its power and that of all the royal knights with the antibody-x on the edge of the Knights Intruder sword, capable of going through and destroying a digimon like ogudomon X who had become one with the digital world. which allows him to surpass all the digimon and weapons that exist in the franchise.