For the development of this blog about the most powerful attacks, some guidelines will be taken into account in order to make a top as objective as possible.

1:) the information of the digimon of the Core world will be used, that is to say, of the official profiles and information of the cards as a base, and that will be completed by some action carried out in another product (anime, manga, video games, novels) to have a greater understanding of the attack

2:) This top is based on damage and destruction power it can cause, so soul destroying or sealing attacks will not be found even though they might be mentioned for reference.

3:) At this point I want to clarify the concept of digital world or digital world since using the available information it does not refer to a planet but to a more complex system that I am going to explain.

The digital world could consider the center of its events a planet similar to the earth where the digimon live, which is made up of containers, oceans, islands, etc. but it is not considered the totality of the Digital World, the Digital World is divided by "Chronic Layer System" of three levels and designed to adapt to the evolutionary type of a Digimon. These three layers are known as terminals: (Ulud), (Versandi) and (Skuld). The Skuld Terminal represents the future and is inhabited by Artificial Evolution Digimon. Ulud Terminal represents the past and is the habitat of Ancient types, including Dinosaur-type Digimon. The Versandi Terminal represents the present and is where Digimon of all varieties live. This means that the digital world is divided into three separate space-times but that are part of the same system. but how big are these terminals?, in the x-evolution movie you can have an idea and it is the application of the Arc projector, which focused on the total destruction of the old digital world, where the stars and galaxies shown disappeared along with the digital world until only an absolute void remained, so that the concept of the digital world would encompass three terminals, each one the size of a universe and time apart, this is a concept similar to the Branas, another example of the complexity of the digital world is given in digimon xros wars (manga) where it is explained that the digital world was divided into zones each with a dimension similar to a dimension with stars and how the sum of all of them would form an equal universe to the real universe/human world and the only way to travel between zones is through portals. other digital spaces would be the dark area and the kernel. so a digimon that is capable of destroying the digital world will not refer to a planet but to a set of space-time separated from the size of universes.


before starting with the main top. Let's show some feats of digimon that will not enter the top, because they are not of the level of those that do enter, but still have enough strength to generate great destruction.

Use his powerful legs to unleash a headbutt that packs megaton-class explosive power!

1 megaton = town level

His heavy armor is like a wall of steel! His tackles are megaton class!

1 megatons = town level (as a comparison an explosion of 31 kilotons of tnt. 1 megaton = 1000 kilotons)

Heavy Speaker - who emits a low tone from the speaker on his belly and shatters the opponent, conceals the power to break rocks and destroy mountains

DeckerGreymon can fight an army corps even alone. Furthermore, the energy that is enhanced within its body to its maximum limit grants DeckerGreymon one last bold move. Even if you are able to take down DeckerGreymon, it's not over. The immense energy that is suddenly released from DeckerGreymon's body becomes a tremendous shock wave that burns the earth for 10 km in all directions. digimon wiki

according to the official profile it is capable of destroying everything within a 10km radius, using the nuclear bomb calculator it will use two extremes...

lower end (Airburst radius (near deaths) = 50.1 megatons tnt

high end (Fireball Radius (minimum) = 2.6 gigatons of tnt (2600 megatons)

His deafening voice shakes the atmosphere and makes the earth tremble. His Special Moves are Big Bang Voice, where he stuns the enemy with a great bass mic performance, and Big Bang Tackle, a powerful tackle with the power to destroy even mountains. wiki digimon.
taking into account that the average height of a mountain is 1000 meters and assuming that its base is as big as its height and has the shape of a cube (Pi)*(Radius^2)*(Height/3) = (pi )*(500^2)*(1000/3) = 261 799 388 m3 using the fragmentation energy of 8 joules /cm3 = 261799388*1000000*8 = 2.094395104e15 joules or 500 kilotons of tnt ( here an example of 500 kilotons )

Striver Cannon – Fires a nuke-charged projectile from her Striver Cannon, reducing everything within a 30 km radius to scorched earth. digimon wiki

using the Nuke calculator will use two extremes.

lower end (Airburst radius (near deaths) = 1.42 gigatons of tnt. (1420 megatons)

high end (Fireball radius (minimum) = 40 gigatons of tnt ( 40,000 megatons)

Shotumon x4B
In particular, its "Chaos Flare", based on Beelzebumon's special move "Death the Cannon", has been powered up to the point where it can traverse through mountain ranges. wiki

The special move fired by Beelzebumon's weapon, "Chaos Flare", is said to be powerful enough to break through mountains.

According to his profile, he is capable of destroying an entire mountain range. Well, I don't know which mountain range to use, but since it's a Japanese created character, I'll use the Japan mountain range, the Japanese Alps. the Japanese Alps are divided into three separate mountain ranges, therefore I'll use one of them the akaishi mountain well according to wikipedia the length of the mountain range is 120k and the width is 40km with the highest peak being 3193 meters what i could find is that the average mountain is about 2300 meters so i will use it for find the volume -very well that would give.


120000 * 40000 * 2300 = 11040000000000 m^3

I will use fragmentation and violent fragmentation.

= 11040000000000 * 1000000 * 8 = 8320000000000000000 joules or 1.9 gigatons.(1900 megatons)

= 1040000000000 * 1000000 * 69 = 717600000000000000000 joules or 17.1 gigatons. (17,100 megatons).

N° 13. Ancient Mermaimon​

An Ultimate that existed only in the distant past, she is a guardian goddess of Digimon's birthplace, the "Net Ocean". He rules over the entire powerful "Net Ocean" and is capable of handling all water, such as ocean currents and tidal waves, as if they were his own limbs. It is said that countless continents and islands have been wiped out when Ancient Mermaidon felt angry.

easy to interpret, it can sink continents to the bottom of the ocean, for that it would be necessary to generate earthquakes greater than 10 on the Richter scale, now, there is an easier way, that ancient meraimon agitates all the water that exists in the oceans that of 1.4e21 kg and in the middle of a strong storm, the sea is agitated with a speed of 60 knots or 30 m/s

using the kinetic energy formula.

KE= 0.5*1.4e21*30^2 = 6.3e23 Joules or 150 573 613 megatons or 150 teratons (this is comparable to the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs)

The Chicxulub impact released as much energy as a hundred TNT terratons, well over a billion times the power of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

To get an idea of the power of this, if we took the attacks in their most powerful version of the digimon of the prelude and added them with all the current nuclear weapons that exist on earth, it would only be 0.04% of the attack of ancient Mermaiamon or 2399 times weaker.

N° 12. Aldamon Solar Wind Destroyer

Aldamon is another digimon that offers an interesting official profile.

This aspect has enough destructive power, at the time, to bear a close resemblance to the threat of modern nuclear weapons. His Special Moves are upgrading the holy flames of his "Digicore" to its maximum limit, then personally fabricating the high-density, high-temperature core of the sun, before detonating it (Brahmashira), and the high-speed rapid firing of firearm shots. extremely high temperature that unleashes from the "Rudriya Darpaṇa" super weapons in both arms (Brahmastra)

Using this information, this attack can match the conditions of both temperature, pressure, and density of the sun's core, using a NASA article: the temperature is 15,000,000 °C and the density is 150 g/cm3, taking this only you have to determine the size of the attack.

Using this image Aldamon's height is 2.87 meters. and using this the height of cherubimon of 17 meters

cherubimon height = 860px = 17 meters

attack diameter = 390px = 7.7 meters

V= 3/4*pi*r3 = 3/4*pi*(7.7/2)^3 = 134.4 m3

mass = 134.4*150,000 = 20,160,000 kg

very well, the conditions inside the sphere are enough to generate nuclear fusion, according to this article (1000 kg, or almost 2205 pounds) of deuterium would contain approximately 3e32 atoms. If a ton of deuterium were consumed through the fusion reaction with tritium, the energy released would be 8.4e20 joules)

clearly this would be on earth.

20 160 tons * 8.4e20= 1.69344e25 joules or 4 petatons of tnt (this is 26 times more powerful than the previous post)

N° 11. Shinegreymon burst mode​

A Shine Greymon that has temporarily reached the limits of its abilities through Burst Evolution, it is a unique form that uses a Solar-class high-energy flame aura. Its Special Moves are fusing its flaming shield and sword into a greatsword with explosively greater power (Corona Blaze Sword) and putting its body and soul into inducing a massive eruption (Final Shining Burst). Additionally, he can continuously shoot incandescent flames (Torrid Weiss)

He uses his flaming sword, whose power rivals that of the sun, to slash and incinerate the tyrannical demon lord.

With the sun as my strength, I am here without equal!

in this state shinegreymon uses the power of the sun, if the interpretation is correct it would mean that shinegreymon would be at level two of the Kardashev scale, he would only be as powerful as an entire civilization, but I think we can give another interpretation and that is the power of the sun is Nuclear Fusion, this is what allows the stars to stay lit, but in the case of stars this sedates in their cores where high temperatures and pressures produce the necessary ingredients to produce nuclear fusion, shinegreymon does not it has the mass of stars, but it is possible to reach nuclear fusion with high temperatures, an example would be the fusion reactors on earth, (where one that is still incomplete in the sense of not generating much energy gain) reached temperatures of 150 million degrees, in the case of nuclear fusion bombs temperatures are between 100 and 300 million degrees, so the above result , it could be the temperature reached inside shingreymon's body to be able to produce the fusion and have the power of the sun, now, if that is the temperature of shinegreymon, how much thermal energy does it produce?


shinegreymon height = 290px= 15.14 meters

beam length = 563px = 29.3 meters

beam width = 18.8 meters.

using this calculator of area of a cylinder = 2285 m2. very good now the thermal energy

2285*5.67e-8*284 201 954^4 = 8.4523505684090865e29 joules or 202 exatons multiplied by 4 = 808 exatons of tnt (this would be its thermal energy per second, far exceeding that of the sun 3.26e26 joules) this is 199 649 times more powerful than the previous post

N° 10. Imperialdramon Fighter modo y Ebemon.​


It is an Ultimate Digimon that gained great intellect by changing from the difficult-to-control Dragon Mode to a human form. It is said that the power to destroy a planet lies in its attacks.

The legendary dragon warrior who is powerful enough to destroy even a planet.


His "Planet Destroyer" is a technique that releases all his accumulated power and fires it with the weapon in his right hand, so it is said that he is capable of instantly destroying a single planet.

He uses the weapon in his left hand to destroy the opponent's brain and wields a planet-destroying cannon in his right hand.

As the information points out, they have the power to destroy a planet, assuming that it is the size of the earth, we must do the following, For the destruction of celestial bodies such as planets, the concept of gravitational binding must be applied. using the following formula.


U = 3 * [Gravitational Constant] * [Mass^2] / [5 * Radius] =


gravitational constant = 6.67e-11 N m/k

Earth mass = 5.97e24 kg

radius = 6.37e6 meters

3 * [6.67e-11] * [5.97e24^ 2] / [5 *6.37e6] = 2.33e32 joules or 55 zettatons of tnt (55 688 336 520 076 480 megatons) this is about 68 times more powerful than the post former.

N° 9 Miragegaogamon burst modo​

Burst Evolution, is a unique form that uses a planetary-class high-energy weapon and aura. Its Special Moves are hitting the opponent with a sphere of light that contains planetary-class energy (Full Moon Meteor Strike).

It pours itself into body and soul to wield its planetary-class power.

This information can be interpreted as the energy that holds a planet together or the mass of the planet converted into mass, in this case it will be interpreted using the first option, unlike the previous position, that all the energy is released in an explosion in all directions. , mirageogaogamon's weapon concentrates all that energy around making the blow brutal.

mirageogaogamon's height is equal to that of shinegreymon 15.14 meters.

height =270px = 15.14

weapon diameter = 93px= 5.2 meters

weapon area = 4*pi*2.6^2 = 84 m2

55 688 336 520 076 480/84 = 662 956 387 143 767 megatons or 662 exatons of tnt per square meter. to get an idea if we dropped an object with the mass of the earth at a height of 1 km (1000 meters) it would only give PE=5.97e24*1000*9.8 = 5.8506e28 joules this is 47 times less, this means that every meter square of the weapon hits 47 times harder than a planet falling on your head and the weapon is 84 square meters so you get an idea.

N° 8 Gravimon Gravity Bang​

"Gravity Bang", which is called a mythical bold move, places the Digital World Gravimon's gravity exerts pressure on Gravimon itself until it reaches its limit, then detonates the entirety of its energy in one go. Although it has enough destructive power to partially destroy a star, it is a forbidden self-destruct technique that could destroy heself.

Using the information, Gravimon's attack will not totally destroy a star, it would only rip off part of its mass but most of it would remain intact, but how much is that? using the sun as a reference and the kinetic energy formula would give us

mass of the sun= 1.98e30 kg (1/4 =4.95e29 kg)

escape velocity of the sun = 617 km/s

KE = 0.5*M*V2 = 0.5*4.95e29*617800^2 = 9.44650179e40 joules or 22 577 681 yottatons or ( 22 577 681 142 447 418 400 000 000 megatons) this is 405 million times more powerful than the previous positions , that his power only applies to one planet.

N° 7. Valdurmon Ripple aurora​

Ripple Aurora. This technique is said to have the power to pulverize even a star, and because it is emitted at the speed of light, it is nearly impossible to evade.

This sacred guardian bird of the sky purifies evil with a flash that crushes even the stars!

This is simple, the same formula is applied as with the planet

mass of the sun= 1.98e30 kg

Sun radius = 696,000 km or 696,000,000 meters

3 * [6.67e-11] * [1.98e30^ 2] / [5 *696 000 000]= 2.25423e41 joules or 53 877 390 yottatons ( 53 877 390 057 361 371 300 000 000 megatons)

if we used the KE = 0.5*1.98e30*617800^2 = 3.778600716e41 Joules or 90 310 724 yottatons ( 90 310 724 569 789 673 400 000 000 megatons)

N° 6 Dark superstarmonBlack Hole​

his Special Moves are attacking with the exploded fragments of a supernova (Dark Blast), using a black mist that covers everything in darkness (Schwarz Nebel), and creating a black hole that swallows surrounding bodies (Dark Hole).

The black hole is my home

amazing a perfect level digimon has a technique related to supernovae and black holes, let's go first with the black hole, for this we will assume a bit, the size of the black hole in this case, assuming it measures 10 cm more or less the size of a average human hand.

Using this calculator, I can determine the mass of the black hole, which is 3.3665882741022644e25 kg using the GBE formula

3 * [6.67e-11] * [ 3.3665882741022644e25^2] / [5 *0.05] = 9.0716668525012198e41 Joules or 216 818 041 yottatons (216 818 041 407 772 961 000 000 00), this would make sense because of 0 megatons capable of launching supernova fragments with electromagnetic radiation one thousandth part of the energy released by a supernova 1e42 joules or 239 005 736 yottatons, a very similar result. about 4.43 times more powerful than the previous post.