School started last week. But because of laziness mostly, I decided to skip all the courses. It's no big deal considering it was the first week. Tomorrow, it starts for real though.

BAM, 8h am, un curso de Espanol con senora Lopez! Olvid? muchos verbos en pasado desde tres anos sin cursos...

This winter, I'm going to Mexico with my boyfriend, to meet his family. I'm not sure what to think about it. I hope they will be nice... and I wanna see the Mayan ruins :)

I could have made many jobs... I always was good at school in almost all subjects. I also have many interests. I could have become an anthropologist... I know I would have loved it... but I've been told it didn't pay much. And it's quite true. I would have loved to be astro-physician, but I'm average in math and am lazy. So forget it about putting efforts in algebra - I passed my advanced courses in high school and that was the end of it. I hated math courses and was unlucky enough to get very shitty math teachers almost all the time, just to make me hate it more, you see.

Right now, I'm an artist, and I wanna keep doing that partial time. I also want a job that will let me travel, and that's why I'm studying languages. I wanna visit our planet, I wanna learn from other cultures/people. Right now, though, I work in a computer store partial time and study in college, my last year before university (here, 2 years of college are obligatory).

I wish I had more money, to push away all my worries... but who doesn't?

I am looking for inner peace, but know I won't find it in this life. I am too frustrated inside. I wish I could help this world but know that I can't change much to people's situation, especially because they don't want to change.

I also wish Olivia was here sometimes. With her I can have great conversations, just like with my boyfriend. But when he isn't there, I feel a bit lonely. Having your own apartment in a city away from your family and friends is not always easy.

I'm gonna go see Genesis September 14th. That's gonna be nice :D