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It's funny that the people who don't like Sasuke use the excuse of him seeking revenge against Itachi and pushing away his friends as an excuse to hate him and call him a bunch of names. If he didn't care so much, then he wouldn't have to vehemently push them away.

Then, there's the fact that he's supposedly made out to be 'perfect' when really if you paid any attention to the storyline you would know that he has a lot of flaws. The Itachi business is just one of them. He's emotionally retarded, which is something that he and Naruto have in common, and he's psychologically traumatized from his family getting killed right before his eyes by a member of the same family whom he trusted and idolized so much. As a young child with so much to live for, he felt betrayed. Honestly, can you blame him for getting revenge when even Konoha itself didn't even do anything about it?

Sasuke is a passionate character, and that's why I love him. He is righteous, despite the sort of 'anti-hero' feel to him. The thing about his character is that he believes in bonds above all else. And... love. Yes. Of you looked at him on the surface, it wouldn't seem so... Getting just a glimpse of him you'd think him a cold emotionless bastard that cares for nothing, but if you make the effort to glimpse beyond the surface to what's underneath you'll see the sweet child crying that just wanted to live a normal life. <- Okay, that part was kinda cheesy, but you get what I mean. In that sense? He's sort of a contradiction.

Why the hell else do you think he'd chase after Itachi with so much anger and passion? For betraying him and taking away what he held so dear. In turn, to prevent himself from getting too weak to strive for that goal, he has to push away the other people who are important to him, that he forged new bonds with. It is that simple (yet so complex). Sasuke's cool looks are just an add-on to the package ( :p ) and a great one at that.

Moving on, I also love his fighting style. It's so... fast, fluid, and controlled, and can kill with just one hit. It reminds me of a samurai. Which makes sense, since the Uchihas are like the samurais of the Naruto world, and the ones that have samurai-like ideals, and live in classic Japanese houses.

Of course, you could say that Sasuke is the complete opposite of a samurai, yet at the same time, very much like one. I'll bring up a comparison to Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin. I never read or watched the full series, but from what I remember, he used the opposite side of his blade or just the hilt of the blade so it could prevent him from killing his opponent, but at the same time he's perfectly capable of killing. Kind of like how Sasuke is just a big softy on the inside. Even Orochimaru, the "hopelessly evil" one, as Masashi called him, says that he is too soft and that he is too much of a Konoha ninja. I believe Suigetsu later repeats those same words shortly after Sasuke has killed Orochimaru. More evidence includes Sasuke telling Suigetsu and the rest to make sure and not kill any of the cursed guys despite the fact that it wouldn't have taken any effort to at all and why should Sasuke even care in the first place if he was truly evil?

Sasuke Uchiha is many things.

But Sasuke is not a heartless bastard.

You see? He's just putting up a big front. Sasuke Uchiha, a boy full of contradictions.