Inuhanyou said:
Sasuke's an asshole tard and an emo freak who betrays his friends for power.

Aw, come on. People keep calling Sasuke emo, but I am interested to hear their reasons why. Is it the hair? No, since it doesn't look 'emo' to me and he was born with that kind of hair-style, and he's never styled it... :oh Is it his attitude? again, no. Sasuke has an introverted personality and he doesn't really give a shit about what other people think about him and he would never hesitate to protect his comrades. He's also never 'cut' himself and made himself bleed so that he could commit suicide.

He strives to get stronger, to move forward with his goals that he's kept for years. That sounds like the exact opposite of an emo person to me. Is it the severing of his bonds? That I will agree with can be seen as selfish on his part, ignoring the advice of his surrogate family to pursue something personal to him... in turn causing his new family suffrage, but on the flip-side, wouldn't you think that he has every right to pursue that goal of his? Konoha did shit about it to make him feel better.

Hey, he could have turned into the biggest bucket of angst or 'emo' that you've ever seen, slitting his wrists or pulling pranks like Iruka and Naruto for attention. Everyone copes with pain differently. Just because Sasuke remained indifferent and 'cool' doesn't mean that he's 'emo', that's just his personality.

At least Sasuke is doing everyone a big favor by killing one of the biggest threats Konoha has ever seen. Also, the very fact that he actually brought himself to severe those bonds, all the while appearing cold and emotionless and putting up a front to Team 7 when confronted about it definitely shows how mentally strong Sasuke is.

"his techniqes are cheat,

And what techniques would those be? Sharingan eye? The bloodline that he was born with is cheat? It can't be. It makes no logical sense. It's fiction. Kishimoto made him that powerful within the Naruto universe, so he simply IS.

Unless you don't count that one time Sasuke copied Rock Lee's moves; but that's just how impressive the Sharingan is. If you're going to call Sasuke's Sharingan a cheater's tool, then what about Kakashi who has copied way more techniques than Sasuke ever has?

Mitarashi Anko said:
He pisses me off. A lot. I'm not even going into the reasons. But there's no way in hell he's any kind of an alright guy. And there's even less chance all the trouble's going to be over once he's killed Itachi. I just know it.

Hmm, I'm wondering just what version of Naruto you have been reading.

Yeah, Sasuke's just going to turn a 180 on us and decide to go evil despite the fact that it's been repeated time and time again just how much of a softy he is. He's only batshit insane when it comes to Itachi.

me said:
Even Orochimaru, the "hopelessly evil" one, as Masashi called him, says that he is too soft and that he is too much of a Konoha ninja. I believe Suigetsu later repeats those same words shortly after Sasuke has killed Orochimaru. More evidence includes Sasuke telling Suigetsu and the rest to make sure and not kill any of the cursed guys despite the fact that it wouldn't have taken any effort to at all and why should Sasuke even care in the first place if he was truly evil?

Ya, he's totally EV@L.