I am tired of the discrimination complex. You(We) not the only ones being discriminated against. We cannot simply just blame all our problems on the white man. Though many problems lay their origin at the white man's feet, these problems persist to the motion of black hands. The ridiculous ideal of White vs Black is outdated. Even white people are suffering now.(Hell, while not necessarily to our degree, they have always had their problems to) It's not easier for poor white (Trash) folk, then it is for poor black folk. Even moreso now as our communities bridge their gaps and you see white boy wearin baggy pants along with brotha man.

The problem is not from the outside, but the narrow view within. Today our people are, I'll say it, far more racist than whites. Simply because of what they have done to us we allow and are allowed to express our sincere hatred out in the open without correction. You shout cracka at a white boy he can't do anything. A white boy accidentally calls his friend my ^ (use bro) and he gets shot. Double standards simply cannot work. You either say nothing or you go both ways. The sins of someones great grandfather doesn't reflect the life of the great grandson. We should not be judged on what our ancestors did. People should be able to stand on the works of their own generation, not lick at the wounds of one before.

This has been said alot but it needed repeating. However, it's not the only destructive problem. Rampant materialism is the second great destroyer of the community. People spending more money on their tires than they do on a business. If you have the money for a an Escalade put it into a job or something. We spend to much time on other peoples schedules. The lack of vision in the community is frightening. No one is innovating in the community they're not willing to take in ideas from outside. The key to persistence is progression. A one track vision doesn't work. To proceed we have to start thinking beyond big rims big trucks big houses. To start thinking big stock portfolios, big franchises, big trading deals. We have to stop simply running the rat race and instead be the ones holding the cheese.

Come on my people. I know we can do this. I'm pullin for you. Just one extra hand for a true revolution.

My random rant of the moment.

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