So DDJ brought this up, guess a blog post makes more sense for this

Hmmm...... let's see

1] Danceable beat, catchy grooves n hooks
2] Either more fun, better [storytelling, lyrical, poetic devices etc], or even just more understandable lyrics [looking at u death growlers n Jim Carrey]
3] Classic pop themes about partying n former Rock n Roll themes not transferred to Metal such sex drugs etc. Also crime life all of which teens love
4] Appeal to teens - the party beat n lyrics n gangsta magnetism are far better than Varg rotting in jail looking like the ''don't go to school tomorrow'' kid. Also can put it in TikTok vids etc

5] Cross-gender, age n racial appeal - Metal lacks representation. Girls love it because it's danceable [more singable too], and mainstream pop oriented up to sampling RnB n pop as main hooks]. Hell, even more tolerable to old people if they tune out the lyrics
6] Can fukk to it or have it as background music to anything. Bass boomin from the car sounds nice
7] No harsh sounds or anti-pop elements such as irregular time signatures n growls
8] Absors influences from other n collabs w/ other popular genres such as EDM, RnB, Pop, Reggaeton even country
9] More innovative, always something changing Metal is stale.
10] Lots of feuds for stans whereas Metal has Bernth vs Tim Henson :lul