These past couple of days have been crazy for me. I've hardly been home on account of a new job and boyfriend duties, so I haven't been able to post or read much manga. But of course, I got in chapters where I could and I'm currently on 57.

Just a few notes. I love the old school art! Seriously it's a hundred percent better then what Shippuden has given us. The only thing that gets on my nerves is that AK of Troy didn't know how to clean. I'm certainly not a fan of gray tones, or shitty typesetting. But alas, beggars can't be choosers.

Although I've gone through about 30 chapters, there's not much to talk about. The anime did a pretty good job of representing the manga here.

The first thing I noticed was that Temari was the one who explained the Chuunin exams to Sakura and Naruto, which I lol'ed at. Foreshadowing much??

I didn't remember the first exam rule "If you leave your test blank, you fail". Wouldn't that mean that Naruto failed? Eh, whatever. Ibiki's head scared the shit out of me, cause I totally forgot about that. And Anko was still super hot. Licking the blood off Naruto's check was way to hot. Did that happen in the anime? Dear god. Way to hot...

Forest of death is a little boring to me. The manga is seriously just like the anime, and I watched some dubs on cartoon network a few months ago. It wasn't as exciting to read. Sadly, one of my all time favorite fights in the anime gets no justice in the manga. The Sasuke/Oro fight seriously amounts to Sasuke throwing like two projectiles at Orochimaru, then shooting a wimpy Katon at his face. But I guess it's hard to represent action in drawings, so whatevs.

Rock Lee's grand entrance was as cool as ever. I mean how much cooler do you get dropping in with a squirrel on your shoulder? The wind ^ (not the meaning of the word "respect".) totally pisses me off though. If it wasn't for him cushioning the ground, Lee probably would have raped all three of the Sound ^ (not the meaning of the word "respect".). Actually, the hunched one is pretty cool. I wish we could have seen more from him...

The last chapter I read was Sasuke going wtf crazy and breaking that wind chumps arms. I found that scene to be so disturbing for some reason. It was even worse in the anime. I admit though, crazy Sasuke is a Sasuke I like. Sakura should have just let him finish business. Imagine if that was the secret to counters CS? A hug? LOLZ!!!1


Tomorrow I'm off from work, so I can get in a chunk of chapters. I'm looking forward to Neji v Hinata. I don't remember much about it from the anime. What I'm not looking forward to is Kiba v Naruto. I mean please, can you downplay Naruto just a little more? Thanks a lot Kishi.