Last night I read the first 16 chapters, and I just finished up this morning. Everything is Basically how I remember, with a few exceptions.

One of them being the intense violence, something that was obviously left out of the anime, as well as newer chapters. Seriously, there's blood everywhere! It's crazy! Especially the scene where Zabuza takes Gatou's head off. I was like "Holy shit I don't remember that happening!". Although the more I think about it, maybe I do...

Another thing I noticed, is how a lot of the cover art is representative of future events. Naruto is draw with frogs, Sasuke snakes etc. It makes me wonder, how far do writers plan ahead?...

I also noticed how serious Kakashi got when talking about protecting his comrades. After reading Kakashi Gaiden, I can make the connection, and finally understand where these feelings come from.

Well anyway, I enjoyed this first installment, and I'm looking forward to Chuunin exams. The chapters sure do move a lot faster then the anime, that's for sure.

Not sure how much more I'll be reading today, as I have work in a little bit. After words I need to spend time with my girlfriend. Hopefully I can get in 10-20 chapters before then.

Quote of the Day:
"To abandon your duty is not courageous. Below the courage, there is nothing"