Holy crap, my freaking birthday is already coming up. This Friday to be exact. I'll be turning exactly 20. I dunno if it's normal or not, but just thinking about it is making me feel a bit old. I'm still years from being an old man, God willing to make me reach that far, but I ain't gonna get any younger. Oh well, I should be drinking a good amount of beer to celebrate this occassion.

Anyways, currently I'm in the registration process of getting into college. I plan on taking the multimedia design program to whatever college I get accepted into, so I need to save up a shitload of money to be prepared. Even though I need to save up a lot of money, it doesn't mean I can't buy whatever I feel like buying, so I'll still buy some anime and manga and of course any video games that interest me. Right now Devil May Cry 4 is the next game I plan on getting and I'm currently debating whether to get Rock Band or not.