"These words like daggers enter in my ears. No more, Sweet Hamlet." -Queen Gertude, Hamlet 3.3.96-97

I know lots of people have complaints about the English Dub version of Naruto. I watch the dub episodes every saturday, because I love to watch on my couch and big screen TV. I cannot stand hearing the voices. Like the Quote from Hamlet, It is like stabbing my ears.

I was just watching the New episode yesterday on CN and it was horrible to hear Itachi's voice. It was just horrible!!! But, I am going to be grown up about it and ignore the bad voice over and stare at Itachi's smexy body. it's hard to ignore your ears being stabbed by daggers...but oh wellz.

Sorry if this doesn't make sense...It's pretty late where I am...this is what I was thinking saturday as I was watching it on CN.