Why do I only get deathly colds well after winter? I barely ever get them during the winter. My eyes aren't watery, so I assume it isn't allergies. But I don't know that much about allergies. I can't breath and I'm loosing my voice. D: Yes, whinewhinewhine, I'm going to do it when I'm sick and trying not to sneeze to wake up the people. Need to be back home.

I can't stay and sleep at this place any longer. I think I'm actually stressed. That is rare, very rare. SIX months here. That's half a year, that's a lifetime. Home is collecting dust and it is still condemned and I still can't go back. I'm close tossing stuff out the window just so I can go back and sleep on the floor of an empty home just because it is home. I'm rambling. Night. Ugh. I need to get better at falling asleep.