This is what happens when I have 35 minutes to myself. >:

Spoiler: not for overly sensitive people, its only text though.
It had just gotten dark outside when the bells were heard, not many knew what was going on at the time, but many remembered the day of death, the day everything would be oh so different from before..

- A scented touch, thats what they are described as in the letter Sir, The young man replied as he stood up looking over the worst slaughter since Jack the Ripper's time. 3 young maidens, all with silky hair colored as ember, lay before them. It had only been three days since they had disappeared from their village in the eastern parts.

-Fires, they say, they said they died in fires.

- you pathetic fool, all know that something like this, doesn't happen with fire.

- This is well done, not many men can turn a ladies' organs inside out without leaving traces of blood. I personally dont see the use of theaction, why do such a thing?

- ... to show that he could get inside them of course. A familiar voice was heard in the hall, it was her, once again. Dressed in a fancy dress, most likely made by herself, a hat with the finest lace along the back, with shoes worth more than the ground, she stepped in. The Elite in slaughers, queen of mindgames and reputational leader of the women only detective agency. She looked around, watching as the young policemen back off. The boys whispered quietly to themselves.

- It really is her.. Who knew she'd be interested in this..
Her white gloves ended up on the floor, along with most of her clothing. Virgin men stared as the lady undressed, showing both her shoulders and hints of her hips. her hat was lifted as well, showing off her tight bun, covered in other sorts of lace.

- Have you never seen a detective work before? Now, if you find it too embarassing, run along and let me be. Anyhow, inform me of the events.

- Mary, age 11, Anne age 13 and Sofie, age 18 lay before you ma'm. All strangled to death.. parts of them are removed, some replaced, some burned and so on.

- and the blood? where is that? and if i may ask.. are you sure these are human?

- Yes Ma'm, all are humans. He must have slightly recontructed them..

- Hmm...

A loud clapping noise echoed over the crowd. Damn, her clapping. All the elders knew what that meant, she wanted to be alone with the victims, so see their life in detail.
the boys, men, and others left the room, whispering more rumors they heard during their schoolyears.

Little did they know, the maiden's were just the beginning..

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