This is the first of the Conversion Chronicles, a series of blogs where I will tell the tale of my epic journey...turning my friend into a yaoi fangirl.

She, who from now on will be called L, started out being a homophobe a long while ago. Right now, she isn't anymore, though she still says she finds boylove gross.
But she said ItaNaru is cute. :LOS

That was only once, and she denies it, though. But with my amazing people skills...well, no, with my amazing 24/7 obsessed otaku skills, I've managed to get her talking about yaoi many times. And she says ItaNaru is undeniable, Itachi likes little boys (I have no idea how this idea got into her mind, but it's useful for my purposes, so I won't deny it X3), Naruto wants Sasuke, Sasuke wants Naruto...well, basically, I got her to accept some of the basics of Naruto yaoi, and a few extras.

Next step: shower her with cute and funny ItaNaru pics until she admits again it's cute. :kukuku

Stay tuned for updates. :LOS