Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person here with an actual pic of myself posted up. Yah, I've yet to encounter one.

Guess I'm egging the perverts here on.
(not that I'm terribly pretty, it's just, well, weirdo's out there, you know?)

I'm starting my senior year of High school on Wednesday, and it's getting to me. Oh, college is around the corner, and all I can think about is going to Anime L.A. 4 and Anime Expo again, haha. I'm such a nerd :p

I've just recently fallen in total love with Dir en grey's "The Final" song. I used to hate it really damn bad. It's so slow, and I a metal fangirl, that it just annoyed me. When I heard it live (I saw Diru! *FANGIRL-ISM*) it was pretty good, I even sang to it, and now as I have it on repeat, I'm just amazed at it's wonderful-ness.

Really, so bad, there are no adjectives I can think of to describe it. (I think it's adjectives... :huh)

Okay, you know Kanon? (that's her name, right, right?)


yeah, okay, who else has a problem with her name? I don't like it. I also don't like Yondaime's name, it doesn't fit at all with his image, I think. They should have given them both a stronger name. Ah~~~ but this is just a fangirl talking, sorry.

This might turn into a substantial blog one day, until then, I'll rant. :naruramen