Orihime's resolve in the Arrancar arc wasn't real. It was a trick by Aizen to destroy her will to escape from him.

This also goes for her resolve to destroy the hogyoku. The very next scene in the chapter is a flashback of Aizen showing her the hogyoku, and right after it is Orihime saying she wants to destroy it.

The very next panels after that is Aizen doing that smile of his, telling the audience this is also part of his plan.

Her wanting to destroy the hogyoku was another layer of his mind games to destroy her will to escape. The story "never went anywhere with it" cuz it wasn't meant to in the first place. The story was never supposed to give her a shot at the hogyoku, the only purpose was to trick her into staying in Las Noches until Aizen left and it did that job well.

This is all in chapter 249 if anyone wants to read the full thing.